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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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"The Potential of Publishing your Own Ezine"

============================="The Potential of Publishing your Own Ezine" by Justin Blake =============================There seems to be a bit controversy over what really makes a marketer a living on...

"The Potential of Publishing your Own Ezine"
by Justin Blake

There seems to be a bit controversy over what really makes
a marketer a living on-line.

It seems that everyone out there insists they have the
"perfect program", or the "perfect pay plan" that will make
you a millionaire practically over night. All you have to
do is join either for free, or pay a small fee anywhere
between $5.00 to $500.00 and up.

To be honest, 99.9% of all these programs and pay plans
won't make you a dime. It is sad but true.

Only a select few on-line marketers actually make money
or sign up affiliates from these programs.

99% of the "Lucky" .01% peoples have their own Newsletter
or Ezine. This is the only way to make a living on line.

Publishing your own ezine/newsletter, staying in contact
and offering honest, high quality content to your
subscribers will raise your sales success rate anywhere
between 30% and 50%.

Without a quality ezine/newsletter your chances are a slim
1% to 15% depending on your sales letter, product/service
demand and targeted audience.

With a response of only 1% to 15% chances are you will
spend more money on the leads and advertising than
you will make in return profit.

(Trust me. I have been losing money on the net for years
before I started my own ezine. It's a good thing I learn from
my mistakes ;-)

With your own ezine/newsletter you are almost guaranteed
to make sales and a profit every time you send an issue or
a solo ad.

( Many people don't like solo ads, so you must use them
responsibly. Do not abuse your list or you will soon be
receiving more UN-Subscribe requests than Subscribe
requests along with some nasty messages. These
nasty messages can kill your motivation and belief in

Thus comes the death of your ezine/newsletter and
your reputation! If you acquire a bad reputation on the
net then chances are you will always have that bad
reputation and you can kiss your dreams of making
a living on-line good bye forever.

Or until everyone forgets about your name a few years

But why take a chance like that?! It is simply not worth
it just to make a few sales.

Honest marketers always prevail in the long run.
( Please read that last line again. )

Now with that said, I will continue.

With your own ezine/newsletter you are advertising
to a targeted audience over and over again for FREE !

You won't have to pay .01 to .25 and up on the dollar
per address. You already own the list !! :-)

Many of my fellow publishers and marketers reading
this right now already know this and are focusing all
of your efforts to gaining subscribers. But there are
some of you who don't realize the potential your
ezine/newsletter has for making you a living on-line.

If you wish to acquire a respectable reputation as a
known marketing, dieting, taxidermy guru then you
must publish your own ezine/newsletter.

I know many of us fellow publishers ( including myself )
occasionally have a hard time either finding the time or
thinking of an interesting topic to send out every week.

This should never stop you from publishing an
ezine/newsletter. You can always find someone out
there who would love for you to publish an article(s)
they have written. In exchange for using there content
all you have to do is allow them to post a small ad
about themselves or their product, ezine etc. at the
end or beginning of their article.

Here are a few article directories to help get you


I know there have been times when either I didn't have
enough time to write an entire ezine, or just wanted to
trade articles with someone else as a promotion for
our ezine's.

With thousands of other publishers practically begging
you to add their article in your next issue you really
have no excuse to not have your own ezine/newsletter.

( After you reach 1000 subscribers you can start to charge
for advertising positions or promote your own affilliate

Price per position of the ad will vary depending on
demand for your ad space and the number of your
subscribers. )

Once you have this little time saving technique mastered
you can start to write a few of your own articles.

After you master writing your own articles you can
become the publisher submitting your articles to other
ezine/newsletters which is the most cost efficiant way
( free :-) to promote your website or newsletter to thousands
of new prospects.

This is what I would like to see all of my fellow publishers
doing.....becoming an article submitter. :-)

You will soon realize publishing your own ezine/newsletter is
fun and exciting, not a boring chore.

Wishing you success ( and a larger list :-)Feature Articles,

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