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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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5 Tips to Moving into a New Place with Low Light

Moving to a new place but are concerned that low light may be an issue? It’s one thing to get your items to your new place, that can be done with the help of local movers but it’s another ...

Moving to a new place but are concerned that low light may be an issue? It’s one thing to get your items to your new place, that can be done with the help of local movers but it’s another thing to have the rooms in your place feel open and airy.

Here are five helpful tips to help turn that new room space into something more livable and full of character.

Number one: choose a brand new splash of paint to help brighten the mood and turn the room into something fun and exciting. There’s just nothing like a new paint job in a room it completely transformed the experience to feel in the ambiance. The comparison would be like being invited to feast at a five-star banquet versus going to McDonald’s. Now, how different are those two meals?

Keep in mind that paint and color often have trans and styles so you could do a lot by just staying neutral with colors like grays or light brown or beige or even white. Applying new furniture and fixtures on top of that could really help add pop to the room.

Number two: remove dark items from the room. If you have dark furniture or bedding or even towels that can also have a significant impact on the mood of the room especially when it’s not a light field, to begin with. Trade-In these darker colored textiles for fun right yellows pinks whites and light blues. This will help bring a lot more vibrance to the place you’re at.

Number three: think about the flooring and if it is also a dark color consider replacing it with light-colored carpeting or even light wood colored flooring and or even tile. Get rid of dark rugs to help add more openness to the room as well.

Number four: lighting is paramount. If you have older fixtures that use older lightbulbs think about replacing them with new modern light fixtures or at least with lightbulbs that are LED and/or can support hi lumens for adding brightness. LEDs are highly affordable it can be found at almost any local home improvement store. These are a great way to completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Number five: let the sun in. A lot of times rooms that seem dark and drab actually have great windows and have the potential to bring in a lot of light. Over the years living through all the different fashion trends and drapery styles we tend to bring on draperies blinds and other types of window fittings that impair the level of light coming into a room. This is an easy fix but it can actually considerably change the way the room feels. Consider removing all drapery and curtains or other types of window coverings that could prevent light from coming into the room.

You don’t have to live with a room that is dark and drearyArticle Submission, there are ways to improve the feel of the room and do so much to change the experience and use of that invested space. When it comes to improving your new room it’s not about just doing one or two things rather it’s about doing a number of things incrementally that cause the room to change altogether. Follow the five steps above and you should have a completely transformed room than what you first began with.

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