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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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8 Largest Eagles in the World

Eagle is one of the most interesting, and impressive birds to see in the world. There are 60 different species of eagles that are present in the world at this time. In this article, we will discuss the 8 largest species of Eagles. 

Eagles are very interesting and impressive to see while flying. These are some of the most fearsome predators in wildlife, especially in small animals and other small birds. Their unique qualities make them very special among the birds. But one of the largest recorded eagles is already disappeared. Many large eagles are recorded to have a larger wingspan as compared to the others. Some eagles have shorter wingspan with larger bodies. In this article, we will tell you about the top largest eagles in the World. The below list is arranged in ascending order.

1. Verreaux’s Eagle

The Verreaux’s Eagle belonged to east and northeast Africa and was mostly observed in the rocky and mountains regions. These have one of the best diets for any bird predators. They usually catch the weight around five pounds, but the eagle is capable of lifting more weight. Sometimes, they also try out the smaller mammals, including the monkeys. These eagles can have a wingspan of 75 to 96cm with a wingspan of 1.81 to 2.3cm. Normally, a Verreaux’s eagle can reach up to 4.19kg weight.

2. African Martial Eagle

These eagles are normally found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their name means “war-like,” and it’s one of the fiercest predators among all the birds. Their diverse diet includes mammals, reptiles, and other birds. Generally, the African Martial Eagle likes to stay in the air, especially when hunting. You can locate them in the plains of the sub-Saharan region and found throughout several countries. They can reach up to 85.5cm in length with 4.71 kg weight. Their wingspan is 211.9cm.

3. African Crowned Eagle

It’s another large eagle of the sub-Saharan forests, which is known for its striking brown, white, and orange patterns on the feathers. It’s one of the strongest eagles, which can lift its own body weight. Many incidents are recorded of the African Crowned Eagle attacking children as prey. The African Crowned Eagle can reach up to 80 to 99cm in length with 3.64 weight. Their wingspan is approximately 1.51 to 1.81m.

4. White-tailed sea Eagle

You can find the white eagles in Europe, Russia, and the mountains regions of northern Japan. Their territories are usually located in low-lying areas and near the sea. Their primary diet consists of fish and other birds. They feed on small mammals and rabbits. A white-tailed sea eagle can reach up to 66 to 94 cm in length with 5kg weight. Their wingspan is approximately 2.3m.

5. Philippine Eagle

You can simply distinguish the Philippine eagles with their porcupine-like set of spikes at the top of their head. Their unique appearance makes them the national bird of the country where they are found. These are the most fearsome aerial predators on the Philippine islands. They are known for prying small mammals, other birds, and reptiles. The Philippine eagle can reach up to 86 to 102cm in length with 4.7 to 8kg weight. Their wingspan is approximately 220 cm.

6. Harpy Eagle

The harpy eagle can be found throughout America. But they exist in large numbers in Brazil, as their numbers decreased due to deforestation of the Amazon. They can lift the birds of their weight like many other eagles and prefer the monkeys. They are very popular in Panama, where they name their national bird. They have a length of 86.5 to 107 cm with a weight of 176 to 224cm. Their wingspan is approximately 176 to 224cm.

7. American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagles can easily differentiate due to their whitetail and head with brown bodies and wings. These are the most visible eagles as compared to the other species of the eagles; that’s why these are the national animal of the United States of America. You may be observed this bird is featured in many advertisements, movies, and many other visuals seen all over the World. They can reach up to 70 to 102cm in length with 7.5 kg weight. Their wingspan is approximately 2.44m.

8. Steller’s Sea Eagle

This is the largest eagle species in the World. Maybe the other eagle species have longer wingspan with more weight, but when it’s come to length, these are the biggest of all the eagle species. They primarily survive on fish and prefer to live in the coastal areas of RussiaFeature Articles, where you can find them in the greatest numbers. They can have 85 to 105cm in length with 6.19 to 9.5 kg weight. Their wingspan is approximately around 2.45cm.

These are the largest Eagles in the World. You can also visit the Birdfeederist if you wanted to know about the different species of the birds.

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