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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Catch Cheaters Using Software Technology

Technology and the presence of the Internet and other wireless or mobile communication devices within our culture have made the opportunity for cheating and infidelity increase significantly. E-mails, instant messengers, chats, forums, community-based (membership) web sites and mobile phones have made communication with a secret partner a very convenient task. People have become so comfortable using these technologies as catalyst to their covert relationship, but luckily for the victims of infidelity, the modern world of technology is a double-edged sword.

Most of these “cheaters” are so arrogant and naïve, they believe they can’t get caught, because of password protection and other privacy related conveniences that come with these technologies. Well, they better think again! Computer stores virtually every action that takes places on a pc, where data recovery experts, investigators and/or law enforcement can easily recover. However, these are expenses or not easily available solutions to the public. Fortunately, today there are so many powerful “spy” software programs like SpyAgent that can monitor ANY and ALL computer and Internet activity, recording IM conversations, outgoing and even incoming email and all web sites visited. Keystrokes and screen shots along with passwords can be easily captured, which makes catching a cheater a much easy and less expensive task then it was before.

Cheating Spouse Information
Shocking cheating spouse statistics and information.

The Internet has proven itself to be a common ground for a cheating spouse. If you suspect your husband or wife is having an affair, you are probably correct.

Take a look at these SHOCKING spouse spying statistics courtesy of

85% of WOMEN who feel they have a cheating spouse ARE correct.
50% of MEN who feel they have a cheating spouse ARE correct.
70% of MARRIED WOMEN do not know about their spouses' affair.
54% of MARRIED MEN do not know about their spouses' affair.
Spouses and lovers have cheated throughout history. Only recently have affairs grown more common because of the Internet. Whether it is a cyber affair or a physical affair, the Internet plays a major role in almost EVERY affair.

The Internet is used in various ways by a cheating spouse. It can be used simply for communication between physical lovers to chat or plan dates. It can also be used as a tool for cyber affairs. A cyber affair is an affair in which all communication occurs via the Internet rather than through physical meetings. With cyber affairs, the Internet is typically used for sexual chats or simply to communicate between lovers.

Does your spouse seem eager to be at the PC when nobody else is around?

If so, then there's a good chance that they are doing something you wouldn't approve of. Too bad you can't setup a video camera right in front of the monitor to see what happens on the PC.

Well NOW you can do practically the same thing. Technology has now grown to combat these types of activities. Most people who have online affairs are not aware that what they do on their PC can be secretly recorded. Software such as AceSpy and InvisibleKeylogger can be loaded onto your PC, which is 100% invisible, and it will capture all the activity they perform while online.

This type of spy software is completely hidden from them, so they won't know it's running. Simply install the software, wait until they use the PC, then go back to the PC and enter a secret key sequence. A password box will popup. Type in your password and you will be able to view what they did!

Also available is spy software such as RemoteSpy and Realtime-Spy which can be installed simply by sending them an email. They will never know it loaded and you can monitor the PC from any web browser by logging into an interface showing you all of the cheating spouse activity.

Note: It is possible for anti-spyware or anti-keyloggers to catch your spy softwareFind Article, so be sure that your security programs are shut off or that your spy program is not detectable before running it.
By Luigi Di Serio and

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"Jack of all trades and master of none"... Luigi Di Serio is an ad hoc, freelance writer and web site developer who owns over 100 web sites! He holds a degree in Urban Planning and specializing in strategic business intelligence, security, espionage, sociology and human interactionism (including relationship).

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