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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Christening Gift

Expectant Parents find life easier after brother’s secretary sets up a website to update relatives on the pregnancy and birth. The brother decides that the website is so cheap he can pay for it for the child’s whole life, to let friends and relative always get updates and photos.

“I need a christening gift for my little niece, or nephew.”

Sara sighed. No surprise her boss didn’t know if his sister had given birth to a girl or boy. “When was he or she born?”“Oh, not for another week. I’m just anxious because she is the wrong way up. She or he…but probably she.

”The young secretary was surprised to find Mr. Harris so concerned about something other than running Silk Glove printing. “Perhaps we could contact the parents and see what they need.”

“Good idea.”

Without thinking Sara asked, “Budget?”

“Oh, say two hundred and fifty?”

“Yeah, she is the wrong way up. At least we think she’s a she. We’ve decided not to know until she is born on Thursday.

”“Thursday? Next?”

“Because she’s… and after the problems Kelly had giving birth to James… We’re going to have a caesarian. I think everything is ready so I’m just making a list of everyone we need to contact after she is born. Or he.”

“I can help conta-”

“No.” Liam sounded angry. “Sorry, but various relatives will be offended if they are called by anyone but myself or Kelly. They are all looking over my shoulder and constantly bothering me for updates.

”The phrase ‘looking over my shoulder’ stuck with Sara. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would, and could, look over Liam’s shoulder without bothering him? A new baby was enough work without updating the family one phone call at a time. To her great surprise, the ‘perfect’ gift cost a lot less than she expected.

Opening Liam’s Internet search engine (Google), Sara typed in The computer’s monitor changed into dark plum writing on a peach background. ‘Liam and Kelly have not had their second child. Their currant plan is a cesarean section scheduled for next Thursday.

”Below the writing was a recent picture of Liam and his very pregnant wife.

“Now instead of calling, people can check this website. If you wish, we could stream a webcam showing your lounge room.”

“I think not.”

“Well, it would mean relatives can see Kelly relaxed and healthy at home.”

Liam shook his head again. “We can show the birth too I’ll bet. No thanks.”

“No. I didn’t even… If Kelly goes into labor you just…you have a sign ready saying, ‘Gone to Hospital’ to put in front of the camera.”

“Oh, ok. Good idea.” He smiled. “There’s also space on the sign to write name, height, and weight underneath right?”Sara shook her head. “I think your child’s birth deserves its own sign, and you also want to put on the time of birth.”

After work on Tuesday Sara checked the ‘babypetersen’ website. It showed a darkened lounge. With the tiny amount of light coming in through the window from outside, she could just read the sign. ‘Gone to Hospital’.

So, apparently the child couldn’t even wait two more days. Worried, she reached for the phone to call Liam. Staring at it, Sara laughed. The idea of the website was to stop people from bothering Liam for news. She’d have to just ‘look over his shoulder’ without speaking.

She checked the website again and again. Just before she went to bed, it had changed. Someone had put a desk lamp next to the new sign. ‘She/He is here.’ The ‘He’ was crossed out with wax crayon. Below in the same crayon were lines of shaky writing.

Nicole Alexia PetersenMarch 22, at 7:43pm 8 pounds 2 ounces / 3.68 kg21 1/2 inches / 54.6 cmGuess she did know about our schedule.

Sara wondered what relatives the Petersen’s had overseas that they need both types of measurements.

In the next few months Sara continued to help Liam and Kelly by dealing with extraneous details. She updated with the latest news every morning, and every Tuesday she put new baby photos up. When Kelly went home Sara added a section to let people schedule visits to see the baby. Feeling only a little guilty she was the first person to put her name down, for Friday afternoon.

Kelly greeted her at the door. “Thank the Lord this is easier the second time around. Especially with you lifting a weight from our shoulders by keeping relative informed…and keeping a smooth flow of visitors rather than having seven people here all at once.”

“Are you getting plenty of rest?”“Yes. You’re to be thanked for that, indirectly.”

“I’ve let you rest?”Kelly nodded and whispered, “I add imaginary visitors to the schedule at eleven and three every day to give myself some time. Is that wrong?”“It certainly is.” Sara nodded, then smiled. “We can just set the website to not hand out appointments at eleven and three, and any other time you want, to save you the trouble.”


She headed into Mr. Harris’s office. “Yes, sir?”

“You remember I showed you my niece’s second birthday photos yesterday?”Sara nodded. She’d avoided revealing that she’d already seen them Sunday afternoon. It was sad Nicole’s family had to move overseas and she liked to check Nicole’s website every week or two. “It struck me today that I only gave you two hundred and fifty to set the website up. That must have gone in the first six or eight months, but the site is still up.” He gave her an angry accusing look. “Are you paying for it from your own pocket?”“No, Mr. Harris.” Sara clicked her tongue. “Actually, Nicole’s website was only four dollars a month, so that money paid for five years.” She paused. “Also, for fifty dollars a year, perhaps on her birthday, we can… everyone can see up-to-date photos and news for the rest of Nicole’s life.”

“Fifty you say? Yes, please do it.”

‘Sara, I’m so glad you are coming to my wedding. YOU can explain to Brian’s family why my website is…and why I’m keeping it that way even after my name changes to Nicole Alexia Rose.’

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