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Friday, October 22, 2021
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How to check for a water leak 3 DIY Tips

Can you imagine the kind of havoc that a simple water leak can wreak? Apart from the increased water bills and wastage of precious water, you are also endangering the structural foundation of your house. Now, if that does not worry you, then you must be ready to open up your wallet for a sizable expense. However, if you are keen to resolve the issue as soon as you can, you need more information before you start on the repair, you must know how to check for a water leak.

3 DIY tips to detect a water leak

There are numerous ways that you can detect a water leak. However, if you are curious about how to check for a water leak, then read on to the section below. Keep in mind that if you are unable to find it, it is advisable to call in the experts.

  • Check The Different Appliances

The first thing that you can do in - how to check for a water leak is to check out the various water-related appliances. Look out for puddles or drops of water surrounding the machinery. If you do find some water, then you must immediately switch off the valve related to the particular water supply pipe. Now, you have to see if you can fix it yourself. If you can’t, calling in the professionals is the only route left.

Another thing that you can do is test the toilet. For this, you will need some food colouring. Add a few drops of it into the tank and see if the colour appears in the toilet bowl. If it does, you have just detected the leak.

  • Notice The Change In The Water Bill From The Last Month

Another way that you can detect a water leak is to check the water bill on a regular basis. If you suddenly get an unusually high water bill, then that’s cause for worry. Make sure that you have not used extra water before determining the cause to be a leak.

You can also monitor the water meter to see if there is any leak. If the water meter is still active after turning off all the water appliances, there are high chances of a water leak. 

Bonus Tip: Be aware of the right way to read a water meter otherwise you may call a plumber though it was not required. 

  • Look Out For Leaking Cues

Some water leaks are stubborn and thus harder to find. In that case, you must stay alert and be aware of the various leaking signs. If you see discolouration in the wall, then that could potentially point towards a leak. Also, check if there are any water stains present on the ceilings. These usually have a brownish or yellowish colouration. Another red flag is the musty smell accompanied by black patches. This indicates the growth of mould and mildew. Looking out for these cues is vital in - how to check for a water leak. 

What Else We Have To Say About Water Leaks?

A hidden leak can spell disaster to you and your house, it can result not only in water wastage but also damage to your house’s foundation. Additionally, if there is a major leak then, it can result in the worst case which is dangerous for you. You can fix each point of water leaks without creating up the mess when you know how to detect them. Our motive is to make you aware of the tips which will be helpful in detecting the water leaks. Also, the initial actions can save you from facing major water leaks. 

You can hire water leak detection plumbers for Water Leak Detection Service when you are unable to find it following our How to check for a water leak 3 DIY Tips given above.


Unable to find the water leak? Get aid from the experts now!

There are various methods that you can employ to find the source of a water leak. But, it is also vital that you know how to check for a water leak. It can help you in making some crucial decisions. Now, you can either repair the problem by yourself or you can contact the professionals. If you are not too sure about your plumbing capabilities, then getting in touch with the experts is a wise choice.

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