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Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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How To Keep Your Feet Looking Pretty And Young

They are always there at the very bottom of our body: our feet. But sometimes we forget how important it is to keep them looking young and pretty.

We walk with them out in the sun and they get burned in the summer heat. We put socks on them and put on shoes and they get sweaty and sometimes fungal. And many times we walk barefoot and step on dirty floors or outdoors where they get dry and scratched and blistered.

Protecting and keeping your feet looking young and pretty is actually a very simple thing to do. As summer heats up, you might be making plans to sport your newest flip flop sandals or to take barefoot walks on the beach. Nothing can ruin a summer outfit more than having a pair of dry, chapped, rough looking feet.

As you prepare to do some home therapy, the first thing you should do is to remove all nail polish from your toes and try to do it with a remover that does not have the harmful acetone base. Chipped nail polish on toes is the first sign of a haggard appearance and getting rid of that will be the first way to get to young and lovely feet.

Now, it is time to get them smooth again. Using a foot file or a scrub stone, rub your feet till all rough spouts and calluses come off. You can also try foot scrubs that come with exfoliating beads and gel and rub them vigorously on your feet till you feel a layer of new skin emerge. If you really want a home based remedy with all natural ingredients, you can mix olive oil and sugar and apply it to your feet. You will notice an immediate change, one that might surprise you, because almost instantly your feet will feel soft to the touch, and have the smoothness of brand new skin.

Then, after you have made them smooth and renewed, it is time to soak them in your tub. Fill the bathtub with warm water mixed with soap or bath salts or oils and then soak your feet in there for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This will help remove any dry skin left on your feet and will give them a fresh, young feeling. You will not have to worry about dry, itchy, irritable skin after soaking them in the tub. After drying your feet, apply some moisturizing cream or massage lotion onto your feet and make sure to get in between your toes and get to all the troublesome areas.

Now, the flesh part of your feet are taken care of and it is time to focus on the nails. At this point they should be free of polish, so you want to clean under the nail with a safe nail stick. If you have protruding cuticles, then gently smooth them back with the stick. Then, cut your nails all down to a reasonable length and file them so that they are all rounded in shape and consistent with each other. After that, paint them with a base coat of clear polish and allow that to dry. This base coat will help your nails from turning strange colors from the nail polish contact. Then, apply some of your favorite nail polish to your toesFree Reprint Articles, followed by yet another top coat polish for great lovely feet.

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