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Friday, December 13, 2019
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Introduction to the best OLED TV

This article is a piece of information for those who are new to OLED technology. If you wish to buy Best OLED TV for your home then this article will help you by explaining to you how OLED tv works and the technology behind it. 


Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, popularly known as OLED is a flat light emitting technology which is made when a sequence of organic thin films is placed in between two conductors. A bright light gets emitted when an electric current is applied to it. The OLED display is efficient as compared to LCDs. It has an emissive display that doesn’t require any backlight, unlike LCD displays that require a white backlight. 

Not only OLED is efficient and thin, but it is so flexible and transparent. It can be easily stretched, rolled and folded. They clearly are the future of Televisions and display technology. 

The Future is here

As mentioned earlier, OLED creates transparent and flexible displays. This has opened up a number of possibilities in the world like: 

  • The Curved OLED displays can be placed on non-flat surfaces
  • There are OLEDs which can be made wearable 
  • Rollable and foldable OLEDs can be used for creating new mobile screens
  • Transparent OLEDs can be implanted on car windshields or even car windows

There are many more unimaginable things that can be done with OLED that are yet to be discovered 

 OLED Tv vs LCD Tv

 If given an option to choose between both OLED and LCD, OLED is always the first preferred option. Some of the advantages why OLED is chosen over an LCD display: 

  • A better and Enhanced image quality: You will get a wide color range, high brightness, full view angle, better contrast, and fast refresh rates.
  • There is low power consumption.
  • It has a simple design that makes it foldable and flexible. 
  • It is an ultra-thin and transparent display.
  • They are very durable and can easily operate even in broad temperatures.

How do the best OLED TV work?

Now you might have understood that OLED is the best display technology and is used to create stunning TV screens that are thin and provide the best image quality. This is just the beginning; more is yet to come!

Just like LED Tv, the best OLED TV to produce light through the process of electro phosphorescence. The electro phosphorescence process is as follows:

  1. The power supply or battery of OLED containing device is the one that circulates the voltage across the OLED.
  2. The flow of the electrons takes place from cathode to anode. This happens in between the organic layers. The cathode gives and anode removes the electrons from the conductive layer.
  3. The boundary which is in between both the layers of conductive and emissive, the electrons find their electron holes. When this is happening, the electron starts giving the energy in the form of photon light.
  4. This is how the OLED will start emitting light.
  5. The color of light all depends on the kind of organic molecule which is used in the emissive layer. Nowadays, manufacturers place different types of organic films to give your TV color displays.
  6. The brightness of the light completely depends on the electrical current. If it’s more thenScience Articles, the light will be brighter and vice versa.

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I'm jakson Lee, being alone at home and doing household work on my own, I got very much interested in Home Entertainment : how they work, their features and their latest updates. Being a professor myself, I researched and read about the different types of OLED TV. 

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