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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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Japanese Soaking Tub

The Japanese soaking tub is one of the most popular styles of bathtubs on the market today. These tubs are essentially used for soaking and relaxing, a lot like the Western style spa. The tubs are traditionally deeper than a Western bathtub, suitable for a long soak.

Traditionally, in Japan, the bath at the end of the day is a ritual and an art form. The Japanese have used the soaking tub for centuries as a way to relieve physical and spiritual woes. These special bathtubs are filled with water and salts and heated to very warm temperatures. This hot, salted water helps the body relax and soothe away soreness while relaxing the spirit. Immersing yourself in hot water takes away stress and tension, soothes muscular aches, and stimulates blood circulation. This tradition of soaking for relaxation has gained popularity in Western culture.

There are several differences in a Japanese soaking tub and the Western style bathtub. The American bathtub is used for bathing, while the soaking tub is strictly for relaxing and soaking. The next difference is the depth of the water. A Western bathtub is only 12 inches deep, while a typical soaking tub can be from 26 inches to 28 inches deep or more.

The water in the soaking tub is typically much hotter than in a Western bath. The water should be heated, so it is slightly uncomfortable when you first enter. This relaxes the muscles better and helps heat a cold room. Another good thing about the extra hot water is the heat will remain with you long after you've left the tub.

The tubs are typically smaller than the Western tub. The purpose for this is so the bather can sit in water as deep as possible up to their neck, instead of stretching their body out. Having your body totally immersed allows the water to work on every muscle so you feel very relaxed.

The soaking tub was traditionally located indoors for relaxation and made of wood. Today, some are made for use outdoors, but most are placed indoors near windows for a great view. The wood is treated to withstand the water and heating and cooling process.

Many prefer a soaking tub to a traditional spa. It is viewed as more sanitary since the water is drained after a couple of uses, and the water is not shared with others. This is less offensive to many since sharing a spa can seem less hygienic. If you want solitude and privacy in a bath, the soaking tub is a good choice.

Another advantage is there are no chemicals added to a soaking tub. While spas or hot tubs add chlorine or bromine to the water, soaking tubs are chemical free because of the frequency of changing the water.

The Japanese soaking tub is a wonderful addition to your home. Use the soaking tub the way it should be, with very deep, hot water for a relaxing soak. Your body will feel deliciously relaxed and heated for hours afterwards.

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