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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Mysterious Numbers

During my research on Freemasons, I was constantly running into numbers 13 and 33. I found out that numbers 13 and 33 have always been of great importance to them.

This research confirmed that there are numbers of things that hide these numbers but here are few which can be confirmed without much difficulty. First of all it should be kept in mind that most of the Presidents of US were Masons.

The first run with number 13 was 13 colonies. Second was the great seal. The original number of states in United States of America was 13. Occultists of world believe that, once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol is created without anyone knowing about it. And, the greatest power of all is created in the symbol if anyone also NEVER EVER discovers that the symbol exists.

On August 6, 1945 at 8:15 am United States B-29 bomber Enola Gay, on Mission No. 13, dropped an atomic bomb called “Little Boy” on Hiroshima, Japan near the 33rd Parallel. This was “Day One” of a new age, the Nuclear Age. To understand the change that took place, we must back up and look at the importance of the number 13 from the formation of the United States to the atomic bombs explosion in Hiroshima.

In 1935, Paul Foster Case wrote: “Since the date, 1776, is placed the bottom course of the pyramid [on the great seal], and since the number 13 has been so important in the history of the United States and in the symbols of the seal, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the thirteen courses of the pyramid may represent thirteen time-period of thirteen years each.” The 13 time-periods of 13 years each equaled 169 years. From July 4, 1776 to July 4, 1945 equaled 169 years. From July 4, 1945 to August 6, 1945 (Hiroshima) was 33 days.

President Kennedy was wounded in the exact three same spots as Hiram Abif, who was murdered in the Masonic initiation, representing the persecution of the Templars on Friday, the 13th, in the year 1307, where Hiram Abif is struck in the back, and in the throat, and in the head.

Hollywood is owned by the masons. Obvious isn’t it? Gene Rodenberry creator of Star Trek series was a mason.

Watch and listen to the movies you watch. They always slip the numbers 13 or 33 in there somewhere. Remember the movie On Any Given Sunday. The quarter back was number 13 and the receiver was number 33. Who could miss the all seeing eye through-out the movie. Even the movie The Last Boyscout with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. Damon had the number 13 on the back of his head. What was he in this movie? A forced retired quarterback looking for payback!!! How much more obvious can this message be?

1997 Diana and Dodi Fayed died when a Mercedes provided by Mr. Al Fayed and driven by his employee, Henri PaulFind Article, ploughed into the 13th pillar in the Alma tunnel in Paris on August 31 1997. (This has been confirmed personally by my father).

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