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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Nostradamus Cryptographic Techniques and Prophetic Content in British History.

There are many events in British history that we can see applied to Nostradamus’ prophecies.  Nostradamus was an important prophet of his time and a writer.  He created a book based solely on prophecies he had.  

Today there are many individual’s who are still trying to decipher his prophecies to find whether they were indeed accurate to events or not.  Several prophecies have been examined and applied to British history such as the Great Fire of London, British Empire Prophecy, Charles 1 Execution, Glorious Revolution, Falkland Islands War, Northern Ireland Prophecy, and the Royal Wedding Prophecy.  Cryptographers have analyzed and translated the prophecies to derive meaning for these events in British history. First of all the will look at the translation of the prophecy.  Often times there are several words to use when translating the stanzas and it is subject to find the word that best fits the English translation.  Therefore some words like in the Great Fire of London prophecy can mean several things.  Lets take a look at some of those differences.   The word “faute” was translated as “fault” because it usually means, “shall be lacking” or “shall be reduced”.  Trois le six was also translated to mean three of six so the date of the fire was derived, thus it meant 1666 rather than any other translation.  When looking at the prophecies and how many individuals have chosen to translate them you will find mathematics are very important.  While the addition of certain numbers, like adding 1000 years or subtracting 1000 years is rather confusing it does help the cryptographers support the idea of the prophecies to certain events in British history.

If you consider the British Empire Prophecy when cryptographers view the information provided they can actually take this prophecy in two parts and related it to the British Empire and Falkland Islands war depending on the math.  Again the information of the prophecy is translated to English giving the words the most sense.  Math is also applied here to determine what the three hundred means.  Words that have no actual translation from the Latin or French words in the stanza are broken down to find a meaning.  In other words when you are analyzing cryptographic techniques and prophetic content in Nostradamus’ works you have to be willing to take a leap of faith in the actual meaning when you apply the techniques of mathematics to help you solve the meaning.  

Let’s look at another prophecy. In this prophecy February 3 to the 24 was mentioned, and the 1 to the 24 of June; other numbers in the stanza provide 79 and 100.  The cryptographers are taking these numbers and finding a relationship between events in British history.  The individuals are saying to take 1 and 24 subtract and get 23, then you are to take 23 from 79 and get the number 56.  The prophecy of Nostradamus was X-56.  Arriving at this number with simple math gives rise to the idea that is how the name of the prophecy was derived.

To conclude it is very hard, without formal training to decipher these prophecies of NostradamusFree Web Content, but the most important aspect of cryptographic techniques and content rely upon mathematics and the translation of the words in order to understand their meaning.  Once you have been able to do that you will find at least seven prophecies that fit into British history.

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