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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Removal of Black Magic

In black magic for love spirits are used to harm the victim. Unless one has strong access to the spirit world, the possibilities of removing black magic with self help or prayers is extremely low. However, prayers do help in steering you towards the right source.


My suggestion would be to chant the mahamritunjaya mantra doing 3–4 sets of 108 times everyday.

As far as knowing your enemy goes, it will be quite detrimental, why? at the moment you have a one way traffic-your enemy hitting you, but once you know your perpetrators,  Getting Rid of Black Magic you will give them access to you to hit you doubly and jeopardize your efforts to come out of their trap.

I must say that after fighting black magic for 20 plus years, I have come to the conclusion that you must pray to God asking strongly for the death of your enemies who are doing black magic on you, just as Krishna educates Arjuna in Geeta to not hesitate and kill the enemies. However, you must have strong healing support on your side to pray for the death of your enemies or your enemy will start hitting you with full steam and you will not be able to handle the attacks.

Black magic love spells If you want to play it safe then pray to God to give protection to you from the evil. Finally, the more you think about the enemy the stronger your connection gets with the enemy


First check your health with a physician to see if your symptoms are not due to some internal ailment. If your health is fine which I suspect it is then you will need to engage in a rigid program of activities involving exercise and strict diet. Walking is ideal but you need to do at least 10 km per week. Supplement this with a bit of weightlifting. Avoid foodstuffs that contain red meat and spice ingredients that have onion or garlic in them.

Do the gardening being close to nature will heal and revitalize your body and mind. Avoid watching too much television, listening to the radio or reading newspapers.

To identify the enemy you need to seek out the use of astronomy. Keep a daily diary of your state of mind and body in a spreadsheet like Excel. Record the lunar phase each day and your observations over an entire year. Indian vedic astrology calendars are quite useful for this purpose as they also give constellation positions and lunar names based on fractional lunar phases. This way you can identify a monthArticle Submission, constellation or lunar phase where there is a predominance of negative energy that you perceive as black magic. That will be a clue as to the identity of the enemy. You can then focus your programs of exercise to strengthen yourself in those constellations by using time.


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There are many pathways that time flows along. When you execute an activity on a specific day its effect will be directed to a day in the future. You can calculate this in advance. Some of the simplest pathways is 1 year 11 months, 1 year 6 months, 11 months + 256 days. There are much more but for a start these should be sufficient.

If you practice this program it should counteract the black magic.  i want my love back It will take some time so don't expect immediate results.

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