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Monday, April 6, 2020
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Taboo Cultures Followed Around the Globe

There are different cultures all over the world which is a mythical civilization in itself. And even today there are some countries where they are prevalent for their ancient cultures and peculiar customs. Which are prohibited in other countries.

It is a beauty of the world that every country represents a different and unique culture. The flavors of multiple cultures make a world happy and eventful place to live in. But, some of the flavors aka cultures are bit taboo for another person’s taste. However, that’s the real beauty. 


So, if you are interested in learning about different cultures and like to explore different traditions, then you are going to be truly thrilled and intruded after reading about few taboo cultures that have been practiced in some countries. 




Well, staring at nude people is considered a wrong thing in Norway. That’s because people are quite open about the nudity here, thus if you find men or women changing on the public beach without any attempt of protecting their modesty, then don’t cover your eyes or show any kind of shock. People here are very open-minded about their body so they love to remove their clothes anytime and anywhere. 


German follows a very funny tradition that if you unwrap flowers before presenting them as a gift, then it brings bad luck. It’s a quite weird culture, but that’s how they function. 




If you are in America, then tipping your waiter or any other service provider is mandatory and not doing so is considered an offense. But, when you are in Japan and you try to tip your waiter, then that would be considered as one of the biggest offenses. Even if you leave a few bucks after eating your meal, then you will find people running behind you with it. So, the Japanese don’t like to be tipped. 


In Japan, you don’t wear shoes inside someone’s house. There’s a small place in the lower section of the home near the entrance called Genkan where you have to leave your shoes. You don’t have to put your shoes outside the house either. 


One of the important things about Japanese that they aren’t huggers when you meet a Japanese fella, then never hug them. Just shake hands with them, especially when you are greeting older folks. 




Russian fellas also follow some of the taboo traditions like they never present even numbers of flowers as a gift to anyone. Even the number of flowers represents dead folks. So, one regular bouquet in Russia will have 1, 3, 5, 7 flowers. 


Don’t trust credit cards that one of the main rules in the rule book of Russians. There a lot of places that only accept cash payment because they don’t believe in the plastic money. 


Don’t blame the government for everything. People don’t blame everything on the government and criticize their government unnecessarily. They want to do everything on their own and think that they don’t need your help. 




If you are in France and want to eat a vegan meal, then don’t expect a huge amount of vegan options. You need to visit restaurants carefully and read the menu even more carefully. There are only limited vegan people lives in the country although the situation is slowly improving. People are slowly accepting the vegan in France, but very slowly as numerous old folks still hesitate to eat vegan food. 


Never talk about money, it is a thing that every France citizen knows and follows. You can say that you have quit a job because you are underpaid, but you can’t disclose how much exactly. There are old taboos about speaking of money in French culture, many people consider it a 'dirty' topic. 


If you are in France, then you need to speak French because in there education system is bad at teaching foreign languages. You might see few older folks talking in heavily accented English or Spanish, but that’s it. So, when you are going to visit France, then learn important syllabuses of the language. 


Every nation follows some taboo cultures and traditions that for you might be weird, but for them, it’s completely normal. It’s always great to learn new cultures - it doesn’t matter how taboo they are.
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