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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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The Joys and Wonderment of Making Your Own Stuffed Bear

Would you like the latest information on collectable stuffed bears? We have all you need right here. Unbiased - non-commercial fan site.

These days there are a lot of custom options for putting things together yourself. Things that used to be left to the manufacturing plants are now entering into the “build it yourself, so it is what ‘YOU’ want phase. People simply want to see their own personal touch on things, especially things personal to them or given away as gifts. It's important because they want to send a specific message and coming close is simply not good enough.


Does the phrase “If you want something done right, you should do it yourself” comes to mind when you think of the prospect of making your own stuffed bear?


One trip, The Perfect Bear Every Time…


With a short trip to the mall you can easily with no skills at all in sewing or stuffed animal building, start making your own stuffed bear!  There are many newly innovative specialty “build-a-bear” workshops that carry a huge variety of stuffed bear accessories,  clothing, and building materials.


By making your own stuffed bear instead of buying a pre-built teddy bear you save a lot of wasted time searching for the right one- something that often ends in your settling for something that rarely meets with what you wanted to find or stops short of expressing exactly what you wanted to say. The build-a-bear workshops turn the stuffed bear into both a teddy bear and a greeting card all in one- only 3D!


Nowadays you can start making your own stuffed bear on your lunch break and have it finished with enough time to still eat lunch! The beauty of making your own stuffed bear from scratch is that you can customize everything down to the stuffing, the fir, the eyeballs, even adding a voice box (recording your own voice as the bears “beary” cute message!) and clothing!


You can add accessories like clear glasses, sun glasses, bandannas, backpacks, shoes, sandals, and they even have other accessories like books he/she can hold, little cars they can sit in and beds you can purchase to lay them in.


The Pet Rock vs. Making Your Own Stuffed Bear


When you think about how you can go about making your own stuffed bear, doesn’t it remind you of the pet rock era?


The difference however is unlike the pet rock this Making your own stuffed bear craze is not a fad, it’s here to stay.  


With this vast a selection of accessories, materials, and even services like silkscreen printing to further customize the “teddy T-shirts and more” you will have no trouble making your own stuffed bear with the perfect look, feel, and theme for whomever you want to give one to.


Bear in mind… This is the gift you also give yourself…


Building the stuffed bear is also a very rewarding experience for you, the only problem with this is you may not want to part with the bear when your done making it! Luckily you can make one for yourself too- At the same time!


You will also love making your own stuffed bear for one very important reason- reactions.


When you give the gift of a completely custom bear pattern- mapped after one of your friends, sweethearts, or child’s most cherished and familiar icons, or even their own unique presence manifested within this personalized stuffed bear, you create a bit of a presence yourself!


People get to see what you see in them! One thing we all love is recognition for our unique qualities- especially the ones nobody ever acknowledges! Can you bear (pun intended) to miss out on the fun? People cherish a bear you tell them looks like their personality or presence because it is a constant reminder of how you see them. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Build-a-bear to break the ice or build rapport!


Giving a personalized stuffed bear to your loved ones, friends, family, or even a birthday present for someone in the office you barely know (but would like to develop a rapport with) always creates a charming reaction that makes you feel good inside. You will find yourself wanting to make more bears for others not just to make them smilePsychology Articles, but to feel the wonderful feeling of helping other people see the beauty in themselves through a stuffed bear version of their most endearing qualities!

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Hi! My name is Hwang Keum-OK, and I am a HUGE fanatic when it comes to all types of stuffed bears and other stuffed animals. Are you looking for more info on stuffed bears? -- you can find it at: Why not stop by and give it a read? That link again is: Collectable Stuffed Bears -- I hope you visit today!

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