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Friday, August 23, 2019
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Top 5 Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day brings warmth into our hears. Here are some great ideas for fun, affordable, unique and romantic gifts for this special day !

February 14th is right around the corner, and we all know what that means! It’s time for another Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s is a great day to show your significant other that you really care about them, or if you find yourself single this season, it can also be a great time to show friends and family how grateful you are for their presence in your life. Whether or not you’re having a traditional Valentine’s Day, a gift is a fantastic way to show how you feel. Below you will find some ideas to help you get the ball rolling and to help you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Dinner and a Movie

This is a classic suggestion for a reason. Instead of, (or in addition to) getting someone a gift, you can insure that the both of you will have a great time. Tailor the night to their tastes by taking them to a restaurant they adore and go to a movie that they want to see. Maybe they want to see a chick flick or an action movie that’s not your thing; take them anyway and you will certainly receive brownie points! You can class up the evening further too be taking them to a live performance, like their favorite play or a musical. Remember, dinner and a show may be rather traditional, but taking them to do things they enjoy shows that you’ve been paying attention.

Name a Star

If you want a truly unique gift, you could name a star or a galaxy after your loved one! Now available are certified websites that allow you to do this truly romantic gesture, and they include a lovely certificate with the naming. The certificate will have the new name of the star or galaxy, its location, and possibly even a picture! Just double check that no one else had this romantic idea in the past, because just for an example, you wouldn’t want to get your girlfriend the same thing her ex-boyfriend got her in the past!

Stuffed Animals

This can really be a great gift because you can do a lot with your own inventiveness and have many variations. Obviously you can give a plush toy on its own, but you can also pair it with another gift in cute and fun ways. For example, get a plush cat or a stuffed lion to hold a box of chocolates or a red rose (or many roses!) You can get them to hold anything that you think your loved one would enjoy and it will make your present even more special. Just make sure if they have a favorite animal or pet that you get the stuffed equivalent, because people appreciate personalization, and it’s important to show that you know someone well. You can also make a great big statement by getting them an extra-large plush toy. Some stuffed animals are made to be 90 inches! Just imagine the surprise and delight someone would feel when they receive a present that’s as big as they are! When you give someone a 90 inch teddy bear, they will definitely have a “wow” reaction.

A Pet to Share

Valentine’s Day can also be the day to take your relationship a step further by getting a pet that you two can own together. You would both take care of it and enjoy its companionship. Of course, this gift option can be fraught with perils. First, you have to be very sure that they would want a pet, and know what kind to get them. Or if you want a dog and she wants a cat, maybe this wouldn’t be the best idea for you. And of course, if someone has allergies this obviously would not be the way to go. But, if you know that you both love the same type of pet, and you know that you both are ready to take an extra step in your relationship, this  can be an incredibly special gift that they will remember forever!

A Heart to Make Every Moment Special

Luckily, because of the proliferation of Valentine’s Day, you can now find hearts everywhere, not just in the flower and chocolate business. Many other industries have realized they too can provide for Valentine’s Day business. Almost anything can be made into a heart shape on February 14th, which makes a great option when you and your loved ones don’t feel like being very fancy. For example, talk to your local pizza store and have them make you a heart-shaped pizza. It can be a great nod to the holiday without going overboard, or a great way to acknowledge the day in a non-romantic way, say if you are single and celebrating with friends. And of course, you can do this with practically anything. Get some heart-shaped coffee cups and start the day on a romantic note when you serve your sweetie in bed. Be creative, and you can make the day just that much more special.

As you can see, these ideas run the gambit from romantic, expensive, affordable, unique or traditional. This is all you need to have a great February 14thFind Article, happy Valentine’s Day!

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