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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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What are the benefits of e-learning over traditional courses?

Udemy is one of the pioneers in the eLearning sector and is trusted by millions of learners around the world. It is a popular online marketplace for learning and instruction. With its user-centric functionalities like learning at its own pace, widely recognized certifications, it has managed to entice the younger generation. If you are planning on developing an eLearning app like Udemy, join hands with a professional app development company.

Enhanced availability:

Availability has always been an hindrance to the learning process as several factors play their part in it. In this digital age, enthusiastic learners able to overcome the distance, geographical restrictions, inefficiency, etc., with the aid of computers, smartphones, and tablets. These apps enable remote learning for individuals globally via internet connection.


In virtual learning, there is no requirement for infrastructure, management, and other overhead costs. As everything works on the internet, service providers can cut a significant amount of the cost and offer more affordable courses for the learners. Eventually, the user engagement will increase and contribute to an increase in the overall revenue. 


The flexibility options on eLearning platforms enables learners to upload complex courses under multiple specializations. Learning on these platforms are entirely different from online classes as users can learn at their own pace in their suitable time. They need not have to adhere to a fixed time or timetable. 

Two major types of eLearning solutions:

The best part of this sector is that anyone can penetrate it and gain a significant customer base effortlessly. However, the critical factor is that the service provider has to offer top-notch educational material and services to the learners without making any compromises. Entrepreneurs can seamlessly achieve this so-called gigantic feat effortlessly with a small capital investment. Here are the two major types of eLearning solutions to get started:

Synchronous model:

In a synchronous model, the teachers and learners will get connected in real time and can interact with each other simultaneously. The interaction can take place in various modes such as video conferencing, chats, webinars, etc. The learners can interact and express their ideas or queries during the session. Since they are interacting directly with the tutors, they can get in-depth solutions to their questions. This model is gaining popularity in the current market due to enhanced technology and internet bandwidth capacities. 

Asynchronous model:

Udemy follows this model and is highly popular with the current generation. Because of its pause-and-resume learning model, these apps are highly beneficial to tutors and learners. They need not have to be present at the same time and can be effectively used by learners living in various time zones. They can download the study materials and can interact with co-learners to discuss. Blogs, eBooks, discussion forums, etc., can be referred to as an asynchronous model. Learners will prefer the asynchronous model for its flexibility and affordability.  

How to develop an Udemy clone app?

Every successful venture begins with a mere idea and should be discussed with professionals to bring life to it. These platforms are basically split into four major categories based on the services provided. 

Platform type: Massive open online courses (MOOC):

In this type, courses from different providers will be available for the learners. The providers can be from educators, professors, colleges, public organizations, etc.  Massive open online courses model can be compared to marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba etc., due to their similarity in model. 

Learning management system:

These platforms provide simple functionalities to add courses and maintain training profiles. It can also be used to compile reports on academic success and performance of employees within an organization. There are over 700 learning management system sites on the internet, while most of them specialize in corporate training, some of them focus on enhancing their professional skills. 

Open source LMS:

The platform is the same as the regular LMS, but differs in terms of its software build. These platforms are based on open-source software and so it lets anyone create channels or to tailor their learning program. 

Strategizing UI/UX design of your platform:

The success of an application is significantly dependent on its UI/UX design. The simplicity and consistency of an app can help users to navigate the app without facing any hassles.  The flow of an app makes a major difference in user opinion and increases the reputation of your business. Here are some of the major points that you should remember while developing the UI/UX of your application.

Simple and consistent:

When it comes to users they will not prefer an app with complex architecture and functionalities. The secret mantra to attract users is to design a simple interface and practical features. With a seamless navigation system, the users will understand the interface easily. Ensure that your Udemy clone app development team follows a consistent approach when it comes to designing colors, logos, interface, theme, etc.

Visual design:

Visual design of an app can be referred to the images, illustrations, and animations that go into it. It boosts the customer experience by adding a layer of emotion to the usability of your app.


Typography is a crucial part of the outlook of your app. As the text your website contains will become a part of the on-page SEO process, it is crucial to optimize it accordingly. The readability of text on your app is equally important as the visual elements, logos, images, etc.

Revenue models in the eLearning business: Paid certificates:

In addition to the overall course costs, some providers will charge users an additional fee to get certificates validated by the platform. The connections with various reputed universities worldwide has improved the reputation of these platforms as the certifications are approved in most countries. Hence these platforms are able to have a steady stream of revenue via paid certifications.


In subscription-based platforms, the entrepreneurs can decide whether to offer quarterly or annual basis subscription plans for the users. The users will have uninterrupted access to the content until the end of their subscription period. As the users will be able to able all data on an app, these models are quite popular in the market.

Affiliate model:

In some cases, the courses might have integrated ties within them and the users need to go through different books or resources to progress in that course. You can earn a significant amount of revenue by forming a connection with various portals and can charge them appropriately. 


The conclusion: 

            An array of feature-packed segments at every step in the Udemy Clone Script bolsters a solid learning experience. With more daily courses being added, the demand for new e-learning app development spikes again. This demand is nothing short of a great business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Backing the innovative business mindsFeature Articles, our skilled developers' team arranges a quick launch with our ready-made Udemy Clone App. Time to learn only starts but never stops.


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