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Friday, July 19, 2019
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What is a Better Choice Precision Cut or Native Cut Gemstones?

Market these days is full of options and we get confused what is a better choice. One very confusing concept is the cut for the gemstones, and it may be really baffling to understand why it becomes so important while making the buying decision for these colored treasures. This article will give an in depth insight how the cut influences the value and which is a better choice between Precision Cut and Native Cut Gemstones.

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At the onset we should know that precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire or emerald are rare. Some of these are even rarer than diamond. In addition to their scarcity only a limited percentage of the total yield is of high quality. Simply put high-quality, colored gemstones are very-very rare.  

Put the gemstones mined from the mines cannot be immediately sent to the market, they have to be cut first. Cutting of the gemstone helps in improving the physical appearance and beauty of the gem, if cut properly it also helps in improving the brilliance of the stone.

What factors influence the cut?

As the precious gemstones are valuable, it is always better topreserve as much as the rough material as possible while cutting it. It is so because the price per carat of the gemstone is significantly high and so ensuring that an extra half carat (100 milligrams) of weight is not lost in cutting can significantly increase the price of the stone making it a more economically viable option.

However, while following this practice there are some constrains one the shape of the finished stone will mostly be based on the shape of the rough material. The problem will be that finding round rubies or sapphires in larger sizes will become difficult as the rough stones are usually ovals, and one can find a few cushions or pear shapes. That is the reason usually brilliant round cuts command a higher price.

What is a native cut?

When a gem cutter only attempts to maximize the carat weight the cut has many flaws and such a cut is referred to as the native cut. In this cut the common error seen is that the gem has a large face but a shallow pavilion. These types of a cut suffer from a phenomenon known as windowing. One can see it as an area of diminished color in the center of the gem. Here the light rays pass through so the stone will not reflect back the light and so it will not have that high brilliance.

What is a Precision Cut?

In diamonds there are specific precision cuts but in case of colored gems, it is not that critical but it should be such that it enhances the key qualities of the gem. In short, Precision cut for a colored gemstone is where the stone is cut in proper proportions, the culet is properly centered, and the gem does not show any flaws like windowing or extinction.

Which of the two is a better choice?

Undoubtedly, precision cuts wins as the gem with this cut will not display any flaws and will sparkle most alluringly. HoweverFind Article, always keep in mind that if the material is inferior that precision cutting cannot improve its quality.

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