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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Border Collie Dog Breed

High energy is what I think of when I think of the Border collie. I love to watch them on TV herding sheep or running the obstacle course or just having fun playing Frisbee. They are so intense, so focused. Who would not want to own such an incredible dog?

I was always impressed with the Border collie. Not only is it beautiful, but it is agile and spunky. Little did I know the day I came home from the Humane Society with this scrawny, under weight and very frightened 7 month old puppy that I had actually, just adopted a Border collie.

How could I know? She had been neglected and starved. She weighed a mere 25 pounds. She was just fur and bones. Her ears were back and they stayed that way for a few days. She was gold and white in color. I did not even know a Border collie could be gold. Yes, I had seen black and white, brown and white, red and white, blue merle and even a spotted one, but gold? No, I had never seen gold.

It was after a couple of weeks that I began to become suspicious. Her ears were perked up now it changed her whole appearance. Suddenly, her face looked so familiar. Like the face of the dogs I see on dog food bags and commercials. Then I began to see her eagerness to learn. This dog was smart, very smart.

Well, I took my suspicions to the internet. I did a search of Border collies and it did not take me long to find a website that had tons of pictures of all the different Border collies. There she was. My dogs face staring back at me. Only it was not my dog it was one that looked just like her.

There was information about the gold Border collie and pictures of the black and white and gold and white in the same litter born from the same mother. Wow, maybe I did have a Border collie.

Oh, I have had people say she does not look like a Border collie, but like me they had never seen a gold and white one. It is also possible that she is mixed with something else after all she came from the Humane Society. I can only judge by the way she looks and her personality that is so like every Border collie I have seen.

I have to say I really enjoy this wonderful dog. The Border collie might not be for everyone though. Oh my, this dog is full of energy. This dog needs lots of attention and lots of room to run. This is definitely a dog that needs to be trained.

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