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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Dog Owner Training - One Big Secret To Learn Before You Begin Dog Training

Many people who have had dogs around for their entire life still don't have any idea how to train their dog. They think they do, but the truth is that the dog is in control instead of the owner. It's the Alpha Dog Syndrome. It's time to reverse the roles.

Before you begin your dog training, you should know that there is a secret to success.

Family dogs have been a part of my entire life. You may know the kind. They were mutts that came about as a consequence of wandering male and female dogs meeting clandestinely.

Don't get me wrong, we loved all of them, and they were fun to have in the house, but dog training was not a part of their early years. We would teach them to beg for a treat and maybe even get them to play dead (one of them, anyway). But if there was no treat in sight, the dog had a mind of its own.

It didn't matter to us whether the dog was like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. It was just a dog.

The day I paid for my first dog was different, though. It was the cutest little puppy. Sure, they are all cute... when they're little. Over the first few months, she grew from a lovable pup to a rambunctious liability. She had all the characteristics of a "bad dog."

You know the kind. They do everything the opposite of Lassie, the perfect canine. They bark incessantly, jump up on guests, chew up shoes, pillows, and all other household items, and, of course, they run away and won't come when called.

What a sad state of affairs. My whole idea of being a good master was feeding her, playing with her, and giving her treats all the time so she would be "man's best friend." But that's not how it played out.

Help was needed, or I would be getting rid of her. So I hopped on the Internet and did a bit of reading about dog training and dog obedience.

There is one thing every dog owner must know in order to be able to train their own dog and have the happy, healthy relationship they desire. (obviously, I was clueless):

The Alpha Dog Syndrome

Dog psychologists and trainers have a fairly strong argument for this theory about the Alpha Dog. The idea is that dogs have a natural tendency to travel in packs, and one dog will be #1, the Alpha Dog.

The top dog gets to do everything first in the pack, whether it is eating or going through the door, or lying on the floor and not moving to let the owner pass.

This is where you come in. You, the owner, need to claim the Alpha Dog position in your "pack." You need to be in charge. Otherwise, your dog will grab the spot (my dog had already done this).

The principle is quite elementaryArticle Submission, actually. The basic truth is that you need to reverse the roles with your dog.

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