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Friday, February 28, 2020
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How to stop bad breath in your dog

Obviously when you praise your dog and playing around, you donít want his breath smells like a vampire. Bad breath in dogs is common problem and this is directly related on dogís health.

Dogs just loves to lick in your face and that means he really loves you and donít want you to leave him. But soon his mouth smells from miles, you get ticked off and unfortunately you can not give him a mint chewing gum for that bad breath.

Similar to human, bad breath is the cause from what you eat and it is same with your dog. What your dog eats has everything got to do with a bad breath. Surly they donít brush teeth twice a day and maintain good oral health like we humans do. But you can start thinking of brushing your dogís teeth at least once day which is enough. There can be several reasons when you dogís breath starts to smell. Generally it is not serious problem but one should always take vetís examination into consideration which in fact, it gives your dog a better health and a better food than before.

One of the usual suspects of having a bad breath is not chewing the food properly which means saliva that helps to soften food and provides lubricant, is not functioning properly. Other reason maybe due to dental plaque, allergic reaction to some food that you might not be aware of, improper management of dog foods, bacterial infection in saliva, digestion problems, tooth decaying etc. All these reasons may cause not only bad breath but could damage overall health of your dog. Without proper guidance of experienced vets, your dog might suffer from serious health risk which could be permanent.

If taken care from the beginning, you dog could enjoy a healthy life and also brings smile on your family everyday. So what you need to do is apply basic steps to avoid bad breath of your dog.

There are various toothbrush especially made for dogs with meat flavored toothpaste that you can buy from market. Using the toothbrush on daily basis builds strong resistance to other bacterial diseases which are main reason for bad breath and other oral infections as well. You may be surprise to know that if your dogís teeth remain strong and healthy, he can live more, up to 5 years in addition. Never ever use human toothpaste.

Avoid feeding your dog chocolates and do not mess with routine food intake of your dog. Search around the market for best food that is suitable for your dog. It depends on age, breed of a dog and likes or dislikes, consulting with vets will help to list down the healthy diet for your dog.

One of the most popular ways to freshen up the your dogís breath is giving the favorite treats that is especially formulated to freshen up the mouth, makes teeth strong and kills bacterial attacks which ultimately gives fresh breath.

HoweverFree Web Content, if the bad breath doesnít stops then your dog might be in serious health risk so it would be good idea to check in vet clinic as soon as possible before it gets too late.

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