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Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Americqa, Jihad is Coming!

America, Jihad is ... nevine Al Seidi | Friday prayers on the 28th March lasted for hours in all mosques of Cairo ( and all Islamic ... pushing Arabs for Jihad. Jihad, is fighting in the

America, Jihad is Coming!
By nevine Al Seidi |

Friday prayers on the 28th March lasted for hours in all mosques of Cairo ( and all Islamic countries) pushing Arabs for Jihad. Jihad, is fighting in the name of God the enemy of God. The concept of Jihad ( Arabic for Struggle) lies in the belief of the irrelevance of human life next to the interest of the land and the people. Any true Muslim believes in Jihad, be that a member of Al Qaeda, a member of Hizbullah or a member of a football team.
I understand how difficult it is to the Western mind to comprehend the idea of sacrificing your own life for an idea, a belief, or God. In the West, where the culture is about celebrating life and preserving it against all odds and gods, suicide attacks are merely incomprehensible.
Commenting on the Iraqi suicide bomber who lured four American soldiers to his cab handing them a bomb that killed him with them received a typical comment from Capt. Valles. He said: " I don't understand what motivated this guy to kill himself. To me, this is not an act of war. It is terrorism.. a man in a civilian vehicle killing himself at a checkpoint".
Nicknaming Jihad terrorism is very unlikely to make it go away. As long as there is Islam on this globe, Jihad in the name of it will live. No amount of threats, bombs, deprivation, destruction, so-called liberation wars or name-calling will stop it. The only thing that can stop Jihad is to back off from Islamic territory. Trust me on this one!
In Iraq, civilians are inventing ways of taking American and British life. Incredulous of such human sacrifices, both American and British media insist that the Iraqi army fight in civilian attire! The fact is that even women, housewives from villages are fighting the war with the Iraqi army which exceeds 1.5 million persons! You probably have heard of Mayssoon Hameed who shot an enemy tank using an RBJ she never used in her life. She became a national symbol in and outside Iraq. Call her a terrorist if it makes you any happier. Arabs are all Mayssooons, all terrorists to borrow your diction.
The danger that the American forces in Iraq is facing is that they are fighting 26 million Iraqis on their territory that covers desert land, villages and towns and cities. They are not fighting Saddam and his government. Those 26 millions happen to bear the nationality of descendants of the Prophet. In emergency time, they are bound to act as one against the enemy , no matter what sort of differences existed among them.
Iraq has openly invited volunteers to defend Iraq from any and every Arab and Muslim country. Muslims are preparing to go to Iraq . There is a very serious doubt that coalition or conspiracy forces can tighten all borders to stop the trickle of Muslim volunteers into the battlefield.
The most dangerous face of jihad in a time like this uncovers in non-radicals, Christians and other- religion Arabs supporting it, yours truly included. All Arabs agree on one thing today: that a pan-Arabia is the name of the game. And like Victor Hugo says: " Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come".
To worsen the best case scenario, America is bound to lose the war no matter how much destruction it achieves in Iraq. Winning the war means displacing a regime America hates by a regime that does not exist. All those opposition parties that are talking loudly from one European country or another belong to minorities, mainly Kurds. The population of Kurds belonging to various opposition parties are 5 million. Most of the Kurds do not want to rule Iraq, they want to take part of it to call Kurdestan! America will be too naive too see a Kurd ruling Iraq one day. Worse still, the American army is not fighting an army but guerrillas. Those guerrillas are fighting in the name of GodArticle Search, not just Saddam. I can hardly imagine those substituting their belief in God by their belief in the American Jesus who is trying to save them by stealing their oil and distributing contracts to rebuild a country he has not yet conquered but has destroyed himself.
Jihad is coming.. and as Kissinger explains: " The conventional army loses if does not win. The guerrilla wins if it does not lose". Bush has introduced a second Middle East crisis to be sure. Iraq is not Afghanistan in any sense.

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