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Saturday, February 29, 2020
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No, Thank You! America, Go Home!

No, Thank You! America, Go ... A. Al Seidi America waged war on ... for the head of one man, Osama Bin Laden and his radical group, Al Qaeda ( Arabic for the base). To date, Mr. Bin Lad

No, Thank You! America, Go Home!
Nevine A. Al Seidi

America waged war on Afganistan for the head of one man, Osama Bin Laden and his radical group, Al Qaeda ( Arabic for the base). To date, Mr. Bin Laden is alive somewhere on the planet, Islam is still the No. One enemy to the American policy in the Middle East, and the ‘bases' are dozens upon dozens worldwide. What America accomplished was the destruction of the country, wasting American money and life in a Don Quixotic coup of false patriotism. We do not even know for sure that Osama Bin Laden was the man behind all this, despite all the simplistic claims and video tapes.

Iraq, the only Arab ‘ secular' regime is facing an unheard-of atrocious hostility from ‘conspiracy' forces supporting the US that is devoting 75 billion American dollars, for the head of Mr. Saddam Hussein. In what way is Iraq threatening the US? And what has the US got to do with a so-called dictator of a foreign country? What is America "freeing' Iraq from? All Iraqis, opposition included, and the whole Arab world takes American war on Iraq as an imperialistic adventure that is shockingly unethical bordering on the farcical. And when America is claiming to protect the neighbours of Iraq from its potential evil, the ‘neighbours', namely Iran and Kuwait are feverishly opposing war on Iraq.

In my opinion, the greatest mistake of the American mindset these days is not much its lack of ethicality as its ridiculous ignorance of others' mindset. How much does America know about Iraqi culture and ideology to decide on this wacko adventure? As an Egyptian citizen, I can assure you that the same attack on a country like Egypt would have ended by now with the American flag on Cheops Pyramid. But not Iraq! All Iraqis are Saddams; trust me on this one! Saddam's problem with his own people started by him declaring Iraq a ‘secular' country, something no other Arab leader dares do. Most Arab leaders are dictators. Why is America not bothered with them?

America is ‘bribing' and ‘terrorizing' nations worldwide to join forces with it shredding Iraq and destroying it, promising to rebuild it using Iraqi money! Purely ridiculous. Iraqis, I mean Iraqi citizens not army, will never allow Americans to take over their country. Had the American administration spent some time doing its homework, it would have figured that one out all by itself. Iraq, is not just another rich Arab country. It is the cradle of the Arabic cultural lore ( read courage and honour here), the generator of Arabic scientists ( read genetic genius), and the birth place of the Arabs' ancestor , Prophet Abraham ( read Jihad). Iraq, like Palestine is a sacred land to all of us, Arabs. We will never allow a foreign country, to tamper with our roots, our history, our pride for some fictitious reasons like the dictatorship of one of our men, or for ‘harbouring' lethal weapons allowed by the Israeli occupation!

If America is fighting Iraq for us, its neighbours, we are saying clear and loud: No, thank you! If it is trying to free the Iraqi people from its dictator leader by bombing them, we advise : AmericaPsychology Articles, go home!

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Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1961, Al Seidi obtained her degree in English Literature from the University of Alexandria in 1983. After traveling the world, sampling two ways of life and been there, she is writing it all. Published in several anthologies as a poet in the US, Al Seidi is a voice of an Arab woman
talking to us from the heart of the desert in a tongue we understand.

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