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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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The Evolution of the Conservative Party

Political parties rarely stand still, especially when the world is experiencing so much change and upheaval. It is hard to point to one moment as the reason why the Republican party went through a shi...

Political parties rarely stand still, especially when the world is experiencing so much change and upheaval. It is hard to point to one moment as the reason why the Republican party went through a shift in ideology and candidates. Instead, it is best to look at the evolution as a natural reaction to its opposition, changing demographics in the country, and events around the world.

Conservatives who want to keep up with the latest happenings with their party should always seek an insightful conservative news site as a resource. Whether it is in the form of a conservative news magazine or an online site, these publications can offer much needed perspective about what the Republican party is doing right – and where they are faltering.

Conservatives are aware of where the party falls short, but they are also intrigued by how stances are changing in just a short space of time. If someone had told a conservative ten years ago that their party would be championing protectionism and attempting to nix free-trade agreements, they would have laughed. But it is where we are at. It presents an interesting challenge for some old-school types. Do you roll with the times, or attempt to bring the party back to where it was before?

Shifting Policies

There are some policies that will shift back and forth. But when it comes to protectionism and an opposition to the increased globalization of the world, it appears the Republican party is on a specific course. Its base is upset at how the American worker has been overlooked in favor of outsourcing and foreign guest workers. Blue collar workers feel as though previous candidates, such as Bush, McCain and Romney, ignored their needs in favor of the corporations that were cutting their multi-million-dollar donation checks.

The healthcare debate in the United States is another potential turning point for the party. The idea that Republicans would favor an increased government role in healthcare was an absurd idea fifteen years ago. But recent polls have shown that all of the potential healthcare replacements championed by the party’s senators and representatives have extremely low poll numbers – even among hardcore Republican voters.

It will be even more interesting to see how the next four to eight years play out. Parties in power are generally unpopular, especially if they have a hard time getting their major legislative ideas passed. But the Republicans have a unique opportunity to not only set the country’s agenda for the coming decades, but to complete the major shift of the party’s stances on certain issues.

Staying Informed

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming for a citizen to remain up to date on every issue and new policy. But staying informed is not as challenging as it appears. By following and bookmarking the best conservative news sites, people can easily inform themselves about the major political events in the US and the rest of the world. While you may not have time to read about each story in-depthComputer Technology Articles, even a cursory glance at the headlines is a great way to stay on top of the news.


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