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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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TSA - Can I Choose Who Gropes Me ?

When it comes to submitting to the new TSA enhanced pat-downs, I've thought about it, and I would prefer that a woman perform the deed; it just seems more natural. Granted, it would be awkward having a strange woman doing it, but not nearly as awkward as letting another man squeeze my "junk". (I don't suppose it is all that awkward; given a few moments to reflect and fantasize, I might actually enjoy it.)

Since TSA is now hanging-tough on it's intention to perform "enhanced" pat-downs on passengers, I've been thinking about ways that I can mitigate the humiliation if I'm ever forced to decide.

Really, the only choices are to endure an invasive body scan, an invasive body grope, or skip the flight. Of, course it may not be possible to skip a flight if you're trying to get home.

Anyway, it occurred to me that TSA gropings could be more acceptable if they simply changed some of their draconian rules.

I think the TSA should require TSA personnel to wear identifying patches that give important information that we need to know before we let them feel our privates.

For example, I would like to know if the TSA person who is about to touch me, is a sexual predator, and, in the case of children, whether they are pedophiles.

So, TSA needs to screen their employees to determine if they have any deviant tendencies. At can't be a matter of whether these folks have criminal records, because a sexual predator may never have been arrested. The TSA needs to devise screening procedures, and tests, that can identify potential sexual deviants.

Of course, on it's  surface, this may be patently illegal when it comes to hiring, but, the TSA seems to have extraordinary powers and they can bypass the Constitution.

I would also like to know the sexual preferences of the person who is going to be feeling my crotch. They should wear some sort of identifying badge: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, uni-sexual, non-sexual, etc, etc.

I would feel alot better if I could choose who is going to put their hand in my pants.

I've thought about it, and I would prefer that a woman perform the deed; it just seems more natural. Granted, it would be awkward having a strange woman doing it, but not nearly as awkward as letting another man squeeze my "junk". (I don't suppose it is all that awkward; given a few moments to reflect and fantasize, I might actually enjoy it.)

And if I'm forced to let a man do it, then I want a straight man to do it, and not a guy who is gay. At least there won't be any chance of a lingering search;and, in this case, I don't suppose the feel-er, is any more comfortable than the the feel-ee.

Now that I think about it, the person I would feel most comfortable with patting my crotch would be a lesbian. She is a woman, and she won't want to linger at her task.

There really aren't any good choices.

I also think that all searches, including pat-downs, and scanning,  should be witnessed by a passenger-advocate third party, and "filmed" for posterity. Passengers should know their rights, in advance, and how to report inappropriate behavior, immediately.

Still, I don't see myself submitting to a crotch search because I some Federal government bureaucrat says it is the ONLY way to protect me.

And I don't like it even more because I'm being forced to submit, through intimidation (and an $ 11,000 fine), and, at the same time I'm being told I have no say in process, and that I either submit, of I don't fly.

How high-handed is that ? How unAmerican...

Americans do have a "say"; that's what defines us as Americans. We get to choose, even if it is bad for us, and even if elites like Pistole think they know better.

I think these are typical government bureaucrats who need to justify their existence, and do SOMETHING, even if it wrong, and even if it doesn't work, just so that they can SAY that they "tried", when it surely must fail.

I just resent this whole business. I've always worked, and paid my taxes, and obeyed the law, and I've never taken a cent of charity, or aid, and raised wonderful children who are well educated, and contribute to the good of the country,  and I served my country for six years (USMC 1966-1972), and risked my life on it's behalf, and now I'm supposed to let some  stranger root around in my crotch because a government bureaucrat is incapable of seeking, and applying the right solution.

Americans are not dumb; we understand the problems, and we understand the risks. What the government is not understanding is that all of our problems must be framed within our culture, and our uniquely American values.

We want American solutions; not solutions that are more likely to be seen a Communist country like China, or the old Soviet Unions. We just aren't the sheeple that the TSA thinks we are.

If, 30 years ago, someone would have told me that some day, the American government would have the legal right to put their hands on the private parts of sll Americans, I would have laughed out loud, and dismissed it as lunacy.

Now that that day has arrived, as bad as it is, it can easily get much worse; this is only the beginning. If this stands, we are just setting the stage, for even more invasions into our personal lives.

If the government can justify these invasive procedures for airline travel, then they can justify it for any travel, and or any situation that can be declared as needing more security.

There really isn't any reason why the same procedures should not be applied to other forms of travel. Subways come to mind; a terrorist attack there could easily cause as many death as any airplane disaster.

What about trains, bus's cars, etc, etc.

What about sporting events where tens of thousands of people are in danger ? Should sports fans be scanned, or groped ? Accoriding to TSA logic, the answer is "yes". There are now no limits on the power of the government to invade the privacy of American citizens.

There is no end to it. We've been force-fed a national health care program that will fine, and/or imprison individual Americans who refuse to participate, and now we are being forced to submit to incredibly invasive and personal searches of our bodies, without due process.

We need better solutions. I don't know what those solutions are, but I do know we need some smart folks to re-address the threats, and the problems, and apply solutions that are AmericanFree Articles, not draconian.


And that is just my opinion.

Spencer Holly



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Spencer Holly, aka, Angry Californian, is a long time blogger from California who is "angry" about the current sad state of our economy, our Federal government, and California.

Quote: "I still love California, I want to help recover it's former glory."


twitter: angrycalifornia

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