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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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6 Dirty Habits That Are Actually Healthy

There are truckloads of unconventional habits that you should be participating in. If you wanna know about them, curb your desire to puke and sit tight!

Do you secretly indulge in questionable habits? You’d be lying if you said no to this! Come on, we all have our fair share of habits that we prefer to keep under wraps! Now nobody wants to be called unhygienic and gross by their peers. So it is natural that we go to extreme lengths to shield habits like picking our noses and eating the boogers! Eww, yuck!


1. Flowing booze

Who said that alcohol is bad for you? Okay, the excess is bad but moderation is what we are considering here! Did you know that drinking wine or beer in moderation can have health benefits? A study published in 2017 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that people who drank regularly were significantly more likely than people who didn’t drink at all to reach age 85 without displaying signs of cognitive decline.

Say what now? So moderate drinkers have a lower risk of cognitive decline than those who abstain completely, hurray!


2. Burp it out

How many of you find burps disgusting? So many hands up in the air! Take it, easy guys, burping is one of the most normal processes of our body. Burp all you want because you are doing your body a favor. Burping helps to remove unwanted gas that has collected inside the stomach and helps us maintain good gastric health.

Would you rather stay healthy and burping or turn gastric by keeping it in? Come on, the choice is pretty clear- something that can set us free from heartburn is always welcome!


3. The world of gossip

We aren’t going to start moral policing here and tell you how untrustworthy gossiping makes you. That’s not what you want to hear, right? We are here to discuss the positive influence of seemingly bad habits and gossiping doesn’t disappoint.

Psychological research shows that gossiping improves our bonds with other people and helps our friendships with them grow. Also, gossiping reduces levels of stress and anxiety. We could totally do with lesser stress! Maybe it’s time to lend an ear to the hot gossip, what say?


4. Messy is Creative

How many times have you been shouted at to clean your messy room? “What a mess this room is, such a disorganized brat you are. Clean your room now.” This was a regular monologue at our place back in high school when we were busy standing in front of the mirror and practicing the “cool” eye roll! If you are still that messy cool kid at heart, we have a shocking revelation for you.

An experiment was conducted by the University Of Minnesota Carlson School Of Management. 2 groups of people were put in neat and messy rooms and their creative ideation was checked. Results showed that the participants in the messy room produced more creative ideas!


5. Urge to Curse

Is there anyone who doesn’t feel that cursing is a bad habit? Nobody! Okay, is there anyone who doesn’t curse and swear? Ah, a handful! In short, most of us would curse even though we believe that it is a bad habit. You have probably been told off for this habit, right?

The next time someone shushes you, tell them that you are increasing your tolerance for pain! What? We thought that swearing just reduces stress and frustration, where is pain tolerance coming from? Straight from Keele University’s School of Psychology where a research-supported this bizarre claim!


6. Fart out loud

If you are anything like us then you go red in the face if your fart escapes your bum while you were trying hard to keep it in check! Nose wrinkling and ears popping is the worst sight for you if you or rather your naughty fart is the reason behind it! What if we told you that farting a lot throughout the day may even show that you are eating enough fiber?

You might not believe it but a healthy person farts some 14 to 18 times a day! The next time someone you a deadly stare for filling their aura with your stenchFree Articles, tell them you are proud of your healthy digestive system!

Which of these seemingly bad habits will you cultivate now?


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