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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Types of women

The GirlWhat characterizes the girl is that she has not yet released to the family ties (what she says or thinks).Very Freudian, the girl wants to sleep with Dad, but Mom is there, then it will throw ...

The Girl

What characterizes the girl is that she has not yet released to the family ties (what she says or thinks).
Very Freudian, the girl wants to sleep with Dad, but Mom is there, then it will throw the neck of him who will consume this frustration.
The girl, by definition immature, seeking a partner that is a copy of his idealized father or the exact opposite: the rebel or marginal.

It is claimed that the girl is more mature than the young man the same age. Wrong.
Few sure of herself, the girl with things (is) prove, and yield easily to anyone giving him power over itself (dream, taboo, sexuality).
The student

Separated from her family, she still financially dependent. His freedom it provides the opportunity to make an inquiry to which his lack of experience prevents him from responding.
The student wants answers on itself on the world ...
The student presents one by one all his certainties involved and willingly sleep with anyone who will be process.

One might think that the archetype of the lover of the student is the Guru. It is not. Reassure him forget his worries, the highlight in his own eyes, make her laugh ... It is curious that all metaphysical questions may be pleasantly replaced by a night of fiesta, a glass of vodka and an orgasm, regardless any order:)
The young woman

Independent by choice or indeed the woman faces a cruel and violent world. Having escaped a parent, she will rush to recreate another brief SHE WANTS THE SUPPORTS.
The young woman wants a man, a real one. Unfortunately, it is a catch-all concept and tricky.

One might think that this category allows the good guys finally win their lives to be privileged. Unfortunately, many young women feel safe only from macho. Others show some venality that make them appreciate the producers or other persons of authority 'as beautiful as Croesus.
Some have taken the habit of sexuality and make free use if they like. Frequently, no doubt.
The Mummy

Male sexuality in enclosed and repetitive life, the mother feels rightly imprisoned.
She dreams of being still a young girl or STUDENT free, without losing the stability that it has managed to develop.
Any person making the dream of his chances if he arrives at the right place at the right time.

Why let the Mom to unmarried fathers and representatives of trade? This category of taboo is an excellent report. With them, you have the best sides, and little time for rest. Moreover, they have the energy of frustration, experience, and willingness to do what they could never afford until now.
The Cinquantenaire

The fiftieth anniversary is a sexual woman who has achieved independence at the cost of loneliness growing (children parties, often divorced)
She wants to enjoy before you die.
Marked by life, she is full of contradictions: she wants to cuddle, have power, revenge ... The Man-child, or the Gigolo, are his favorite prey.

She loves partners immature it can dominate (sometimes very subtly. His desire for intimacy and sharing is at war with the experience of a lifetime and his thirst for dominance (or revenge). Her partner has an interest in Learn and play beyond its contradictionsArticle Search, on pain of becoming his plaything.

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