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Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Angels in Our Everyday

We are guided by angels, mostly unseen and unknown, in this life. They are Heaven's messengers giving us the guidance and help we need. Sometimes they are there simply to increase our faith and sometimes to help when in special need. One thing is for certain, "I do believe in angels, I do, I do!"

As my three-year-old daughter was watching the movie Peter Pan, I stopped to watch it with her for a moment. It soon came the part where Wendy and the Lost Boys must believe that fairies exist in order to not only save Tinkerbell, but Peter too. Everyone in the movie starts chanting, "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!" At that moment I thought about the unseen things in this world that we believe in as adults - the somewhat magical beings that give us hope and inspiration throughout our lives. Just as Peter Pan has his Tinker bell watching over his shoulder and helping him when he needs it, I thought to myself, "I do believe in angels, I do, I do!"

Some may not be able to say this with total surety, but I can because I've recognized the hands of angels guiding me through this life since I can first remember as a teenager.

It all began when my Grandma Virginia passed away when I was about sixteen years old. She was my Mother's mother and we had a lot in common. I loved her very much and even though she lived far away most of my life, I would still visit her every so often and enjoy it so much. She had smiling eyes and a gentle nature. She was the kind of woman people wanted to be friends with. However, it wasn't until she passed away that I felt a truly strong connection to her - like she was watching me and sometimes even speaking to me from the Heaven's. I don't want to go into too much detail about the sacred moments when she has truly touched my life as an angel, but more recent events lead me to believe she is still there watching over me.

My two year old son, who is truly a light in this world with his infectious, constant smile, has pointed my Grandma's angel spirit out to me a few times now. It's always the same place that he sees her. We'll be sitting in church on Sunday out in the foyer on the couch or standing around waiting when he points up to the corner of the blank, white ceiling and says, "Grandma." He's done this at least three separate times now over the last year and somehow I know it is her, my Grandma Virginia, still watching over me. Then, I also think how wonderful it is that my son, being such a young spirit, is still connected to the Heaven's in such a way as he can feel her near.

I know children do have a special connection to angels and the Heavens as they can see and feel things that we cannot always see and feel. We learn from children everyday about believing, about faith, and about trust. They are our teachers just as we are theirs.

There is one child in particular who has taught me the most about believing, faith and trust. She is the first child that I gave birth to. Unfortunately, she was also stillborn at seven months along. I was able to hold her two pound, perfect body in my arms and come to peace with her passing. She is also my angel. She and I are connected in such a way as I always feel her pulling me along in this life. She is my constant, guiding force always urging me to be better so that I might one day return back to her with honor, and to be at last her Mother in Heaven. I would do anything to have her in this life, but I also know that through losing her I have gained such an overwhelming appreciation for her siblings that I'm raising now, and my belief, faith and trust has increased ten- fold in God and his plan for my family. There have been other, specific moments when she has touched my life as an angel spirit, but, again, I hold those times sacred.

And so, with all surety, I know we are guided by angels, mostly unseen and unknown, in this life. They are Heaven's messengers giving us the guidance and help we need. Sometimes they are there simply to increase our faith and sometimes they come to us in order to help us through an extremely difficult task. I know through my own experience that angels do exist. Like Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys believe with child-like faith in fairies, I can honestly say, "I do believe in angels, I doBusiness Management Articles, I do!"

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