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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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God's creation of Man verses Darwin's evolutionary theory

In Christianity, God's creation of man, and our science of evolution parallels are one in the same to someone that has studied both to some depth.

In The Book of Genesis, God's creation of heaven and earth are portrayed as a metaphor, which gives the storyline but not all the exact details as to how this came about. The Book of Genesis states that in the first seven days, (God days, not ours), God created the heavens and the earth; In Genesis, the Bible also states that God made the creatures of the earth first, before He made man. It also states that He made man from the dust of the earth.  

If you have ever studied the science of the first evolutionary creations of life on earth from the science posture, the first simple celled creatures on the earth was first formed from the geographical coincidence of a particular group of chemical and element materials that where in close proximity of each other, and also happened to also receive an electrical charge to them, presumably via a nearby lightning strike or another chemical mixture that created the electrical charge that put into motion the first basic life on earth; Why could one not agree that this was ordained by God?  The parallel from Genesis; God made from the dust of the earth. Then through the on-going evolution, higher life forms evolved through the tenacity of each form struggling to survive in its current environment. Some survived and continued to evolve, and others perished in the struggle. Genesis states that God made the plants and creatures before He made man. To me, the parallels are the same, just stated differently, and the scientific view doesn't state that God was the controlling or governing factor in these events, nor does the Bible state specifically how this was done as well. If one studies the science of evolution, you learn that all living things go through a metamorphosis in their evolution, and usually has a branch of it's evolution that takes a different path or coarse and develops at a different rate and design always attempting to adapt to its environment. Some do not develop with enough adaptivity to its environment to survive, and hence becomes extinct, which ends that species particular branch, but other branches do survive and become predominant in its species. 

The true difference between Apes and Mans chromosomes are genetically is very slight. This is simply a mathematical argument that is hard to argue against. The true evolutionary physical difference between these species is, that at the point of birth, Man's skull is still soft and hasn't fully formed yet, (not fully closed at the top). This allows for our brain to continue growing past the 9 month gestation period being in the womb. An Ape's brain is enclosed in a skull cap that has already hardened at birth, which doesn't allow this continual grow that Man has, but to me, this still doesn't mean that we didn't evolve from the Ape. It just means that in our evolutionary mutation from our Ape ancestors, we adapted to our environment in a slightly different way. This is where God should get the credit as the controlling and governing factor to bring about Man. In Genesis it states that God created Man, it just doesn't give the blow by blow details of how God made this come about. Some tend to believe that God waved his hand or just had the thought and poof man appeared! And that is where the argument starts. Again, I stress that Genesis does not say this, or allude to how God brought this about. To my understanding of both, and beliefFree Articles, there really isn't an argument or difference between the two. Christians and Darwinists should have no true argument between them!

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