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Friday, April 26, 2019
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On Deception: When Bedlam Seized Repose

Popular contemporary, evangelical Christian teachers tone-down, dress-up, disguise and Christianize Satan’s garden lie, “Ye shall not surely die,” stupefying the minds and blinding the eyes of men just as it did with our first parents.

Was it a day like today? Did the dawn chase away midnight dreams? From mountain peaks to valley floors, surely all creation joined nature’s chorus as the Almighty’s symphony sprang to life. This voiceless choir sang utopian melodies of heavenly ecstasy while lions and lambs shared breakfast leaves. Not a harsh word or even a weed polluted this pristine paradise. Did the nightingale’s breezy chorus awaken our first parents? Possibly their eyes opened at the gentle nudge of a peaceable beast. They rose, they laughed and innocence reigned.  Then…mutiny. Treason!

Was it a day like today? Perhaps. Surely that day began as each before, but ended as none since. By twilight the songbird’s refrain shed its felicity, and even the grass donned sullen hues. Sighs and gasps, sobs and moans rushed through swaying blades hunting for consolation but finding none. None. Melancholy waters lay motionless beneath orangey skies as the back of the Almighty’s creation bent under the weight of rebellion’s abomination. Bedlam seized repose, beasts growled and consciences demanded clothes. Offering rebellion no reward, a holy God, with cherubs and flaming sword, promised an end to sin’s vile discord.

If dirges flowed like mountain streams and tears outnumbered stars surely this day beheld both. Did Eve forget the command of her Sovereign? Did Adam consider the consequences of his crime? How could such tragedy occur? They physically walked with God every day! They heard His voice and spoke to Him directly. Their minds were sharp and their bodies strong. They had only one temptation with which to contend. Only one!  What was their excuse? What were they thinking?

Did our ancestors question the integrity of their Creator’s plain warning; “In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen 2:17)? Did they think that somehow they could annul the edict of the Almighty, or that He would change His divine mind? Perhaps they hoped for a heavenly case of amnesia. What dementia seized the minds of the holy pair? Friend, like a cerebral stranglehold, “Ye shall not surely die” fastened its grip on the perfect minds of paradise. If Satan’s lying promise duped our pre-fall parents who enjoyed daily, physical communion with their Creator, only our heavenly Father knows the exponentially greater possibility of our deception.

Dear reader, nothing changes Satan’s lie into the truth. Nothing! Just as nothing can make two plus two equal five, nothing can make, “Ye shall not surely die,” a true statement when spoken to anyone, professing Christian or not, who persists in sin. Gentle reader, be warned, though popular but grossly deceived contemporary, evangelical teachers tone-down, dress-up, disguise and Christianize Satan’s lie, “Ye shall not surely dieFree Web Content,” remains hell’s dope tragically stupefying the minds and blinding the eyes of men.

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Daniel LaLond Jr. is a seminary graduate, published author and  bible teacher. The Lying Promise, published by DTG Books is Daniel LaLond Jr.'s latest book.

With 400 pages, over 800 footnotes, 3 appendices and 2 indexes The Lying Promise tests the gospel according to several popular Christian teachers. For more on deceptive doctrines such as the carnal Christian and once saved always saved visit

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