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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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One Nation Under...?

The contrast to an Article in the school newspaper that just started me off. Since I couldnt write back to that paper, I thought it would be a waste not to voice my opinion at all.

In my school newspaper, one author, undoubtedly a Christian (not to be judgmental in any way), wrote an article about saying “under god” in the pledge. He says in one of his first paragraphs "They seek to enforce their views and beliefs on the rest of us, yet they do so with our own courts and laws, instead of with our own planes and bombs".
Excuse me? Are you comparing those who choose to fight for their Rights, To Terrorists? The author continued about how the way you interpret the word "god" used in that context, is your decision. In my opinion and in the laws of the United States of America, no matter how YOU interpret it, you HAVE to respect the others way as well. It’s called "freedom of religion" which also co-insides with "separation of church and state" in this matter.

Think about it. By saying the word 'god' in school, in used in such a way as to Hint religious beliefs, you are violating the church and state laws. You cannot teach religion in public schools, they are designed as an educational establishment, and should be used as nothing more. If you want prayers, and to freely using 'god' in class, used in such context, you should go to a private school, designed for your specific religion, or leave it all at church. 

Yes, they have the right to say it, just as much as I have the right not to.
But when they are blaming us going to court about these things, when we are simply fighting off their attempts to make us comply with their specific beliefs, it seems ridiculous.

More into the article, the writer made the mistake of saying " you Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religion that refers to a singular omniscient deity as ‘God’”. First off, I was Buddhist for 2-3 years; there is no god in the religion, that is a basic Principle. Maybe he should do some research? Also, he made the MAJOR mistake of capitalizing the letter G in god. Muslims call their god "Allah", and Jewish have "Yahweh", using the word "God" instead of "god" automatically presses YOUR name of "god" ahead of theirs. They DONT refer to their god as "God". Again, do your research.

Also, he states "…Or are you one of the few who over look that all religions have a 'God' and get offended because it isn’t the name you choose to call him/her." How many times will you make this mistake? Not all religions have a god. Agnostics, Atheists, Buddhists, etc., ALL do not have gods.

And what do you mean, "one of the few" There are more than just a 99% Christianity rate in your school, it seems YOU are the one over looking that. There are Muslims, Atheists, Jehovah's Witness, agnostics, etc. The point is, that if you see others sitting as you stand and say your words, some teacher’s sneer, and most students closed-mindedly question it.

And finally "us few" don’t over look that all religions have a god (even though that all religions don’t necessarily have gods.). If anything, "we" are more open-minded, and accept those who choose not to say those words in the pledge.  The reasons “we” choose not to say the words “under God” differ completely. Some don’t believe in a god at all, while others don’t call their god “God”. Some even don’t say the pledge at all because they can’t Pledge to anything but their god.

So before you criticize and make harsh judgments, comparing “us” to Terrorists in the courtroom, make sure you understand that no matter what way you choose to interpret the term “God”, there is always going to be someone who is offended. No matter who we areFree Reprint Articles,no one can force their views down anothers throat. That is what freedom of religion is really about.

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