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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Relationship With God

This must be the simplest exposition on the Scriptures ever. That must mean we are getting there, hurry up you slow pokes and get up to SPEED!!!

What is relationship with God, how does one have a relationship with God and is relationship with God even necessary? Long answer short would be; relationship with God is the path of Self Realization, one must relate to God in deception and no, relationship with God in not necessarily necessary.

Now if that all makes Perfect Sense then We are not writing this article for You because you already understand the Truth. However since we are writing this article for the benefit of the mortal population of our community, we must assume that further explanation is necessary.

First let us start with the first part of our question: What is Relationship with God??? We have already answered that question by saying it is the path of Self-realization, so let's start there. In order to explain this simple phrase all we have to do is explain everything you need to know about the Bible. That should be easy enough because it is the Simplicity of the Gospel...

The Bible is composed of Two Parts; the old and the New Covenants. Under the old covenant you are required to relate to God as a mortal required to die. Under the New Covenant you are required to relate to God on His level in Perfect Union and therefore LIVE. How simple is that?

Now in order to relate to God we must assume that you consider yourself mortal and must do so under the old covenant. Might we advise you to "Accept Christ" at this point and consider the subject finished?

How does one have a relationship with God? Seems like we just answered that question as well. First we said that one must relate to God in deception, and then we said that New Covenant Union with God is the Truth. Is anyone beginning to see a pattern forming here? So what does that mean where the rubber meets the road?

It means that the only reason you continue to be mortal is because you are relating to God under the old covenant even if you are doing it in Jesus' name. Here's a clue; the reason it is called Old Covenant is because it was OVER 2,000 years ago and is now obsolete. Actually it became obsolete even before the Apostle Paul said so in his letters and is still True for us today as well. Of course it is only made obsolete in the Light of New Covenant, so before we blow off half of the Bible by disposing of the old, perhaps we should examine the New.

If you have been paying attention thus far you should already know where we are going with this. Union with God is how the New Covenant works. If you have been united with God by the Blood of Jesus, there is no room for relationship because all is one. If the Blood of Jesus is absolute and your ideas about the old covenant are not, which would you bet the salvation of your Soul upon? Just a rhetorical question really.

So if relationship with God is a deception enforced upon mortals by old covenant law, is it really necessary? Obviously if you are to continue as a mortal it is not only necessary but critical that you remain deceived. However, if you desire to know the Truth then just as obviously escape from deception is necessary, which means that relationship is not.

So then it would seem that the necessity for relationship with God would depend on your commitment to mortality, which we view as nothing more than ignorance of the Gospel. If you honestly examine the choice between Absolute Fulfillment or eternal damnation, is there really a choice? Eternal damnation by default is one thing, but to see the options and then reject Absolute Fulfillment in favor of damnation is insanity of the highest caliber.

This might be where we say we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is now that you have been shown the options, to remain mortal is the insanity spoken of earlier. The GOOD News is that you can NOW Choose Absolute Fulfillment because now you know it is an option. Of course, once again that means you will have to let the old covenant be obsolete and realize that We are Living in an AD World!!!

So just relate to God in whatever way works for your mortal soul and then when you decide that Life is better than deathPsychology Articles, just accept Christ and welcome to the Real World.

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