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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Spiritual Wealth - An Essential Ingredient For Earning Cash Online !

Majority of us are seeking material wealth by working hard in our jobs or ... Its mostly for a good cause, I don't deny that. But, we seldom spend enough time to think about pursuing ...

Majority of us are seeking material wealth by working hard in our jobs or businesses. Its mostly for a good cause, I don't deny that. But, we seldom spend enough time to think about pursuing Spiritual Wealth.

Spiritual Wealth or well-being is some thing to do with our spirit or soul present in our physical body.

The better your Spirit. The better will be your life on the earth.

Then, How can you ever obtain it ? The Bible says "God is a Spirit.". And also that "He is the Father of spirits.". Therefore, We need God to make us Spiritually Wealthy.

God is ever-willing to give us Spiritual Wealth. It is we who are not interested. The mistake lies with us and not God. We do not ask Him.

Obtaining Spiritual Wealth is a process. It takes time.

We need to have the desire for it. The more we thirst and hunger for it, the more we obtain. Its just like water or food. The more thirsty we are the more we drink water or the more hungry we are, the more food we eat.

The Bible says "God created the Universe, Heaven and Earth. And all the things that move on the earth.". And then God created man from dust according to His image. What a privilege ! We are all made in the image of God !

Then, God breathed into the nostrils of the man shaped from dust. And then Man came to life. So, each one of us have the God-breathed spirit in us.

The physical body has its own cycle of growth. And at the end of the cycle the physical body dies. If you observe, the body slowly becomes dust again. But, what happens to that God-breathed spirit in us ? It will still be alive even though the body is dead.

Ideally, it should return back to God. But, Here lies the crux of the problem. It does not return back to God. It keeps roaming here and there in the world of spirits. Why is this so ?

This is because, the spirit was not reconciled to God during its tenure on the earth being in the God-given body.

Please be informed, my dear friend, that our spirit reconciling to God is the Most Important thing in our life. The earlier this happens the better.

The spirit CAN be reconciled to God when we deal with SIN in our life. We need to get our spirits cleansed from sin. You may say I have not sinned since my birth. I have lived a good life. I did not hurt anyone etc.. Sorry Sir, this is a lie and you are in grave deception.

The Bible says "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.". The Bible says God is Holy. The Bible also says God is Judge. If God judges us, we shall all receive only death penalty.

In order to save mankind from this death penalty, The Father of Spirits, God who created heaven and earth, came to earth in human bodily form and Himself became penalty for us. He lived a sinless life.

Misunderstood people killed Him by nailing Him onto the Cross. He allowed them for our sake. His sinless precious blood was shed on the Cross. This was suffered by Him for our sake. So that our spirit may not face death penalty, but could be reconciled to God.

This happened 2000 years ago. He is none other than Lord Jesus Christ. Unlike us, who were born of parents through human reproduction, He was born of the Holy Spirit and was borne in the womb by the Virgin Mary.

Steps for getting reconciled to God :-

1) You need to sincerely repent and confess your sins before the Almighty God.
2) You need to ask Him to wash your heart clean with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
3) You need to ask Jesus Christ to enter into your heart (or inner spirit being).
4) You need to give the responsibility of your life into His Most Able Hands.
5) You need to make a decision that you will, from now onwards, do all things as per His will and NOT as per your wish and will.
6) You need to pray regularly. Someone said prayer is like breathing !
7) You need to read and meditate on the Bible regularly in order to grow strong.
8) You need to ask God to show you His will so that you may accomplish His will in your life. The ultimate goal of a human being is to do the will of God !
9) You need to constantly strive to overcome the sins in your life asking help or grace from God in prayer.
10) You need to make friends with other people who have done the above steps in their life.
11) And, continuously ask God for all your needs and aspirations. He will give them to you as long as it is a morally right thing and coincides with His will too.

If you have followed the above steps sincerely, then my good friend, please be assured that your spirit is indeed reconciled to God. And, after death you shall be taken to His abode to live forever and ever with peace and happiness....

The Bible says "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.". Therefore, If you seek after reconciling with God and obtaining His favour, then all things shall be added to you.

You may say I am young and all this God-stuff is for older human beings. My dear sir, the younger your spirit is reconciled to God, the better your chances of living an abundant life now and after your death. For you start getting Gods blessings from your young age itself. And by the time you grow old, you would have lived a profitable blessed life. And there is more chance that others would receive Gods blessings through you.

And if you continue with God from now on untill your death, then you would have lived a life pleasing in the sight of God. Therefore, you receive a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment at the end of your life.

Your mind, heart and spirit is at perfect peace and rest hoping that you have a place of eternal rest and happiness in the presence of the Almighty Creator of the Universe.

Spiritual Wealth is far more precious than Worldly Riches. Therefore, my dear friend, covet earnestly Spiritual Wealth. With all your being desire and pursue after Spiritual Wealth. Do not seek after Wordly riches. The Bible says "God will surely supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.". Therefore, thank God, rejoice and be happy.

Pardon me if I have hit you hard at some places. The Bible says "Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." (Proverbs 27:6). And alsoFree Reprint Articles, that "He that rebuketh a man afterwards shall find more favour than he that flattereth with the tongue."


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C.J.L.J.Rao is the Owner of a small internet business online which provides the netizens with resources for building income on the web.

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