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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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The Emmaus Journal - 'Strangers In A Strange Land'

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Article Excerpt from
The Emmaus Journal
C.L. Mareydt d23

The Emmaus Journal - 'Strangers In A Strange Land'

Do you often feel like an Alien? In fact, have you recently inquired if you were really still on Planet Earth? Do the things of this World just seem more and more foreign to you?

Well, Dear Friend, you are in good company! Our Apostolic Brother Paul felt the same way and said the same things. Perhaps in a different language, but it is still relative for today. In fact, Paul went one step further. He said you were suppose to feel and speak the same way. In fact, if you didn't, Paul again took it one step further! Paul questioned your so called "born again" experience.

It is quite apparent within our global society today that ANYTHING GOES. We are living in the day and age of pure lasciviousness. Modesty, integrity, morals, discipline, and accountability are rejected values. Our so called human rights and personal ethics have degenerated on an over all scale leaving common sense to fly the coop. Both, rarely to be seen anymore like an extinct species. All the while our acute intelligence in academia is at its highest peak within our quantum race toward prideful superiority. Leaving dysfunctional disorders to coagulate into heart attacks and obesity. If it takes a "village to raise a child" nowadays, that village has seemingly been swept away by a deluge of universal disrespect and idolatrous arrogance.

The pitiful end to this scenario is - most Christians blend so well into all of that! The major congregations of Christianity has unfortunately become just another organization, and a vast one at that. Especially in the promoted church world of today, which has become homogenized to the point of dilution, polluted to the point of stagnation, assimilated to the point of derision. All multiplying into a not so innocent ignorance full of mindless delusion.

Thankfully, even thru all of this, Jesus, known as Yahshua (Jah's Salvation) has kept the few who will not bow to this worldly profusion of erosion. These few thru the ages have been called, and right up into our 21st century, the 'Remnant'. Only to find the 'Remnant' is almost impossible. To locate one who might be separated out of this conformed multi commercialized staging of todays Christian hierarchy is a challenge. To find one who might be separated from the party spirit within the highly organized and socialized Christian order is another challenge altogether. The Remnant surely remains just that, a small trace that is still remaining from the original. Only Yahshua (Jesus) is the true discerner of His own Remnant that have been willingly and purposely separated. Separated from and then separated to.

Our Brother Paul continued to exhort and rebuke the early Believer's as he missioned from city to city, telling them not to be conformed to the world; but to be constantly transformed by the renewing of their minds. (Romans 12:2) Renewing of the minds to what? Yes, the Gospel of Yahshua (Jesus), but more intently and purposely, that they would discontinue to think and act like the rest of the world they had been brought out of thru Yahshua's (Jesus's) salvation. Meaning quit plainly, stop the pagan and idolatrous ways once walked in out of ignorance. Come out and be separated with the power of The Holy Spirit and do not reflect or give homage to the pagan practices of the world. Whether in Church (Synagogues) or out of Church. Whether in the Spirit or out of the Spirit. Whether being in bonds or not. Whether in sufferings or not. They were instructed to show the fruits of repentance and to live a life now that portrayed the spiritual transformation that Yahshua (Jesus) had provided. To daily live from a heart that is cleansed of worldly pollution's. Whether from within the religious order or the secular order. Yahshua (Jesus) himself admonished people to observe and do as the scribes and Pharisees taught regarding the Torah, but not to do what they performed in their daily lives. For their hearts were still within the pollutions of religious order and worldliness. (Matthew 23)

This same scenario has, and perhaps has never, ceased down thru the church ages. Paganism still abounds in cloaked illusions full of deceit. We are experiencing many of its unbridled root symptoms that are emerging at an alarming speed for all eyes to see now and all ears to hear. Strangers in a strange land? Indeed! And so we must be. Or else we will be swept along in the tidal wave of lip service with our own pagan traditions and erroneous religious teachings. A stranger in a strange land; according to the dictates of our Faith we must be. A stranger in a strange land; according to the resolution of our service and work we must be. So if you seem to feel like a foreigner in a strange land, realize it. You are! Rejoice in it, for it is the results of your salvation. Embrace itHealth Fitness Articles, remembering you are on a journey toward your real home. Be glad you remained as a stranger in a strange land to obtain you rightful destination prepared for you with Yahshua (Jesus).

C.L. Mareydt d23

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