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Monday, March 1, 2021
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5 Easy Steps to Sell More Without Selling

You don’t have to be that “salesy” type of salesperson to sell successfully. Just by being yourself, you can sell more than you ever dreamed possible! Here are 5 steps that can help you sell more without selling.

Imagine selling your product or service without selling! Typically when we think of selling, the image of the proverbial used car salesperson, the one who pushed you into buying something you really didn’t want or need because the sales pitch was so “slick,” comes to mind. Well, I have some good news for you. I want you to realize you don’t have to be slick; you don’t have to be that “salesy” type of salesperson to sell successfully. None of that is necessary. Just by being yourself, you can sell more than you ever dreamed possible!

Let me share a story with you about my former client, Dan. Dan is a financial advisor who sells long-term health insurance. He was working with Ann and Tom on their long-term health insurance needs. They had expressed concerns about the financial costs of “long term care,” and were hesitant about making a decision. Dan genuinely cared about them and took his time explaining every detail of what they could expect. He came to their home many times over the next several months, each time patiently addressing all their questions and concerns. He always remained genuinely interested and committed to their feeling confident before moving forward.

Dan’s sales philosophy is simple: first and foremost, he cares about his clients. He always puts his clients first. After meeting with Dan over a period of time, they grew to trust him more and more. They felt he listened to them and seeing how patient he’d been with them, they knew they could rely on him. Ultimately, they chose him as their insurance agent. Consequently, Dan had gained not only their trust and their business, but also their referrals. He’s very highly regarded and well-liked by his clients, and that’s because he’s himself when he conducts business—his first priority is concern for his clients. He makes a difference in people’s lives, and he makes good money—he’s selling, but he’s not selling.

So let’s see how it’s done! Here are 5 steps that can help you sell more without selling!

  1. Put Your Clients FirstGet to know other people first before you talk about yourself. Be more interested in what they have to say than what you have to say. Ask questions about their businesses, and what’s most important to them. Don’t rush to present your product. Ask questions early on that help you uncover your clients’ needs. Put your agenda on the back burner for now. Your presentation will come in due time.
  2. Be Genuinely InterestedFirst of all, you don’t push. You don’t chase after people. The outcome, or eventual sale, is not the first and only thing on your mind. Instead, you show you’re genuinely interested, you’re willing to listen, you want to help, and you’re on the lookout for a way you can make a difference to your clients.
  3. AskHere are six important words to be spoken often: What can I do for you? Here are five others: How can I help you? Asking these questions reflects your genuine interest in another’s well-being. When you show this interest in helping someone else, she will feel, “Wow, this person is really interested in helping me.” And that’s exactly what everyone wants.
  4. Provide Extraordinary ServiceFind out all about your clients. Ask them what would make a difference for them. Then, go the extra mile. If you want to provide extraordinary service, and have them really fall in love with you and become raving fans, then go the extra mile and show you genuinely want to help them to get to where they want to go.
  5. Think AccessibilityMake yourself accessible to your clients. Make it easy for them to reach you, either by email or by phone. Let them know that if they have a problem, you are available to them. Also, check in with them to find out how they’re doing. Just because you get the business doesn’t mean that it’s over and done with for your clients.

In a nutshell, selling without selling is a method to get clients to come to you because your reputation is based on the fact you’re not just out there to make money, you’re out there to make a difference.


Ask yourself the question “Am I applying these steps with my clients?” If the answer is “yes,” congratulations! You’re making a difference for your clients. If the answer is “noComputer Technology Articles,” then I invite you to do the following.

Each week select one of the 5 qualities and start applying it with your clients. Notice how your clients respond to you and notice how it makes you feel when you provide these 5 steps.

© Rochelle Togo-Figa

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Rochelle Togo-Figa, The Sales Breakthrough Expert, is the creator of “The Sales Breakthrough System™”, a proven step-by-step process that will help you close more sales, sign on more clients and make more money with ease and velocity. To learn more about Rochelle’s services and to receive a FREE copy of her special report, “43 Ways to Close More Sales”, visit

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