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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Know These Five Audiences to Write a Top Selling Book

Know These Five ... to Write a Top Selling Book Judy Cullins 2003 All Rights ... create a salable book you need to know your ... audience or ... before you write your book.

Know These Five Audiences to Write a Top Selling Book
Judy Cullins 2003 All Rights Reserved.

To create a salable book you need to know your preferred
audience or audiences before you write your book. This essential
"hot-selling point" helps you write focused, organized, and
compelling copy your audience will appreciate and talk about.

Speaking directly to your reader on each page makes you the
savvy author your readers will appreciate and respect. Solving
your audience's challenge or problem creates happy customers
who will spread the word about you and your book. Which
audience below will want to pay $15-$40 for your book?

Which of These 5 Audiences Suits your Book?

1. The Audience you Meet in the Mirror

Authors write books because we love the ideas, the
content, the skills we will share. We usually write
the book for ourselves first. Have you heard,
"I wrote the book I wanted to read?" Our passion
for our topic can create success so long as we stay with
a marketing and promotion plan for 2 plus years.

2. The Target Market Who Wants Answers Now.

No, not everyone will want your book, although many authors
say so. Your target audience has a common need or problem.
Your product or service will solve that problem. For instance,'s book already has an audience.
who wants a solution now. They are desperate at this
point, and will do anything. They will pay any price for your
magic pill and will buy on the spot.

In just 2 years this site sold 150,000 books. The author
answered the rejected spouses' dilemma compelling
them to buy now..

Divorce often comes as a surprise, so without much time
to negotiate, and because of great pain and discomfort, this
audience wants a cure right now. It's only after the doctor
announces a prostate serious problem that most men look for
an answer. Prevention didn't appeal to them. Only the doctor's
wake up call prompted action.

The more narrow the target, the more angle your book
takes, the easier it is to sell

3. The Short-Cut Time and Money Investment for a Big Payoff.

This audience wants a roadmap to where he or she wants to
go--fast! This audience wants to know how to do something--
to write a book, to make money Online, to promote their
business Online, to put up a top-selling Web site.They also
are looking for the least expensive way to accomplish their
goals. No more money down the drain for them.

For instance, print and ebooks that show entrepreneurs
a short cut to finish their books, and get them sold fast, so
their cash flow builds big enough to multiply profits fast is
the right audience for books about publishing, business or
book promotion.

Once the book is near completion, how can authors make
continuing sales that make up one-fourth to one-half of their
income? Still relatively unused, the Internet provides this
answer because of so little competition there.

4. The Massive Passionate Audience.

These are the readers of the Chicken Soup series. Think about
the 70 million plus sold so far, and the authors didn't even have to
write the book. Full of inspirational short stores, this audience
responded well. The authors, did however, put on a full-blown
marketing campaign for years.

Your book will have a lot of competition in this category, yet the
sheer volume of sales like the 70 million who shop Wal-Mart
every day can make up for that. One client wrote a how-to book
aimed at the now 70 million baby boomers out there called
"Put Old on Hold." She's an inspiration herself--looks and feels
like 50.

Think about your book. Is one aim to entertain and inspire?

5. The Online Audience of Millions

If you are like me, you love your book(s) and want others
to benefit from reading it. But, if you are discouraged at the
number of sales through traditional methods, you may want
to consider the Internet.

First, when you write for Online, you can offer your print
book electronically, now known as an eBook. You need
make only a few changes such as shortening up your chapter,
paragraph and sentence length. Busy people who shop Online
want their information concise, clear, and cohesive. They don't
need long stories to learn a point.

This audience is more than happy to download and print out
chapters of your book. They will appreciate your book in 81/2
by 11" form or other, and think total page length up to 99 acceptable.
The savvy author can make many more sales by dividing and
conquering. A 15 page chapter can become a short eBook.
You also have a built in promotion machine in your book,
because you excerpt short pieces to submit to Online
ezines and Web sites as this article excerpt from the eBook.

E advantages include no telling or selling in person, no travel,
more convenience such as instant delivery and reaching greater
numbers of your target audience. The author keeps all the profits,
and doesn't have to package and mail. His faster sales bring him
marketing and promotion money--where most authors don't usually
succeed. He can invest in books, seminars, coaching, or teleclasses
to bring him up to speed.

Every day you can reach 1000's, even hundreds of thousands,
using simple Online promotion techniques. Here you can
sell your book through subtle forms such as the free article
or ezine. The varied Online audiences including personal growth
and business want free information. Your book sales will multiply
fast because in every email you send outScience Articles, you include your
signature file that leads people to where you sell your book.

Even the newbie or non-techie like myself can benefit from
writing for the Online audience.

Use these "know your book audience" tips and examples to write
compelling copy that will guarantee your writing adventure a true
success. Your audience awaits!

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Judy Cullins: 20-year author, publisher, book coach
Helps entreprenurs manifest their book and web dreams
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