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Friday, June 5, 2020
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The Art of Cold Calling

What ... go into a ... cold ... program that most people need or want, a good script, alot of leads, and a great ... But where do you getthese things and how do you

What ingredients go into a successful cold calling

A program that most people need or want, a good script, a
lot of leads, and a great attitude! But where do you get
these things and how do you tell if they are good or bad?

When evaluating a program you must ask yourself 5 key

* Do most people want or need your product?
* Is it a product that can be reordered frequently?
* Would you take 10 minutes out of your day to consider it?
* Can everyone equally benefit from the program?
* Does it have a training system in place?

If you answered "yes" to all these questions then you have
a program that will work. It may take some time and
persistence, but it will work. Not only will it work, but if
almost everyone wants or needs your product then a cold
calling campaign is a very productive advertising technique.

If your program lacks any of these features you can look
over free training, sites, and promotional tools at:

All of the tools that I use for my program can be requested
through this site after taking the tour. All of them you can
use free of cost for the life of your program. It even includes
a script that you can use.

A good script will ask questions that most people would say
"Yes" to. Getting someone out of the "No" mindset will help
your script. Key opening questions can go something like

* Did I catch you at a good time?
* Do you remember responding to a work at home ad?

Most people will say "Yes" to these questions.
Congratulations, you already got your lead to say "Yes"
twice! The next set of questions to ask your lead is about
them. You want them to know that you are interested in
what they have to say. This will open them up for what YOU
have to say.

Sample questions:

* How long have you been looking for work at home?
* What type of programs have you tried before?

The trick here is to LISTEN. Why do you think we have two
ears and only one mouth? Take notes, whatever it takes to
let them know that you are interested in them and not their

Now that you are ready to call someone, who do you call?
There are many places online to purchase leads. Just
make sure you always have at least fifty on hand so that as
you call you don't worry about your leads running out. It is
easier to accept a no if their is 50 other people on your list
to call next.

If they do say "No" then it is their loss, "NEXT!"

Places to get leads online:

50 Free leads: Need Code BD1025

Cheap Leads:

10 Free Leads:

Now that you have your program, script and leads all you
need is a smile. Always smile when your talking to
someone on the phone. They can hear it in your voice. Be
excited and they will get excited with you. And alwaysScience Articles,
always be yourself.

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Article by Brandy Deming
Phone Skill questions can be directed to:
Program that is responsive to cold calling at:
Thank You and Good Luck!

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