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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Why Do You Think Printer Inks Are So Expensive?

Do you think - the ink cartridges are much expensive then your printers? Get here the full info about how to use lowest prices Epson ink cartridges and get rid of this problem. If you are using toner cartridges for Epson printers how can you save money while printing.

Printer inks are like diamonds especially for middle class people. It is not something we want to buy until some disaster is coming. They will instead tell us “I’ll go a Net-café and get it printed”. We all know that we’ll buy the ink with this great amount of money and we’ll get peanut amount of ink and the worst part being, the ink is going to dry-out in months. Isn’t that cruel?

One day out of the blue moon, you buy a printer and then in months you see that the ink you bought is drying out. You will of course be mortified to buy such expensive inks in every 2-3 months. Instead, you can buy inks like Epson T200XL ink and Epson T200 ink cartridges from the valued websites and be a little less worried.

What Are The Reasons Of Printer Inks To Be That Costly?

1. Printers Are Cheap, Inks Are Not:

Inkjet printers are basically sold cheap and even in many cases at loss. The basically they don’t make profit or suffer loss and we know why don’t we? It is because the manufacturers know the fact as well that most of their money will come the ink cartridges. Smart marketing there, they knows pretty well that an expensive inks will get them much more money than an expensive printer.

2. Printer Companies Argues

Well, we cannot decide whether they are true but HP said that they spend billion dollars each year on ‘ink research and developments’. They say that the printer ink must be formulated with such withstanding power upto 300 degrees vaporization, and being squirted at 30 miles per hour, at a rate of 36,000 drops per second. It also must dry-out instantly on the paper. Well, the explanation makes thing little believable but not complacent though.

3. Save Money While Printing

Do not fall for the traps called ‘Cheapest Printers’. It will suck your life like a vampire. It will make you look everything is so gloomy and rosy but actually it will take the wrong side of the road. It will make you buy ink cartridges very often than ever. Buy Epson T200 ink cartridges and keep it refilling. Your printer might refuse to accept the refilled cartridge if the cartridge contains a microchip.

Points OF Escapism:

Switch to Laser printer – Toners are used in Laser printers and you will get a relief from the ink cartridges. Laser printers are great for black & white documents, it helps to save money.

Buy XL Cartridges:

The cheap ink cartridges won’t contain much ink at all, while larger “XL” ink cartridges will contain much more ink for only a bit more money. Buy in bulk for even better offers.

So, if you are planning to buy a printer which doesn’t say ‘cheapest’Article Search, instead buy laser printer to save money. Inks like Epson T200XL ink will help you recover money. Now go for happy printing.

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