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Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Feeding your pet lizard: What does the diet of lizards comprise of?

If you are a fan of lizards and are planning on having one as a pet, you will have a huge variety to choose from. These are some of the friendliest pets that you can have and there are so many varieties to choose from

With over 3800 species of reptiles, you can have a choice of the pone that suits you the best. These lizards can grow from anywhere between one to ten feet and can grow up to over hundreds of pounds in weight. With impressive diversity, you can ensure that your specific needs are met while choosing a pet that suits your lifestyle.

The first thing that you must know about your pet is that these are cold blooded and have acute vision. Lizards are some of the best types of pets since they need less caring; however, you would also need to ensure that you understand their food habits. Whereas lizards in captivity are different from their wild counterparts, it is mandatory that you know that you have an idea of how these animals behave and what they eat in wild to ensure that you can care for these pets in the way they need you to.

One of the things that you will need to ensure is that not all lizards have the same diet. Almost all lizards are insectivores and thus, their basic diet is insects. The size of their prey also is proportional to their size. Most of the smaller lizards, like the Red eyed crocodile skink, eat crickets and flies whereas bigger lizards need bigger preys like caterpillars as well as spiders. Some big lizards like komodo dragons are also capable of hunting down bigger preys like pigs or deer. Moreover, Iguanas are herbivores. So it is really important to know the exact food habits of your pet.

If you are confused about what do lizards eat, ensure that you know its food habits. If your pet is an omnivore, like a bearded dragon, it is advisable to have a balance between greens as well as insects. Geckos are often fond of fruits. Iguanas are often fond of vegetables. Thus, ensuring that your omnivorous animals meet their nutrition needs is quite difficult and you should consult a vet about it. Another point to remember about your lizard pets is that most lizards do not generally like dead insects; therefore, it is important that you give them live fodder that needs to ensure that they can stay active.

Caring for a lizard can be quite a difficult task and require a lot of knowledge about lizards and that your lizards can get the required nutrition that they need to survive. Since it is difficult to ensure that you are able to care for your lizards because they need more attention due to their cold blooded nature. Moreover, you would need to ensure that your lizard retains its natural predatory instincts by feeding it live insects that can be bought at pet stores as a part of its diet.

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Keeping any pet requires hard work and dedication along with love and care. If you wish to keep aRed eyed crocodile skink as your pet, it is extremely important that you gather adequate knowledge about their food habits and read up extensively onwhat do lizards eat in order to properly care for your pet.

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