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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Symbolic analysis of the butterfly and the gecko

The concept of spirit animals, or totems as some might call it, is not new and has existed for many years. For some people it is more than just an old wives tale

It is a journey of revelation and deepening the connection with your inner self. Your dreams about an animated butterfly or analyzing the gecko symbolism meaning can help us understand about our past or even shed some light on our future path. Animals often help us with important realizations about how simple life can be if our thoughts and emotions are pure and raw, and ultimately help us achieve our spiritual goals.

Geckos by far have almost the same spiritual energy significance across cultures. Geckos symbolize change or rather transition and transformation, metamorphosis, understanding what we can from our past and letting it go to welcome in the new. Some even feel that geckos stand for the strength to overcome any kind of obstacle and coping up with challenges. An interesting take on geckos when one see them in real life is that when one finds a problem that is unsolvable by all means, it is best if you take yourself out of it. Detaching yourself from something that is beyond your hands is best. This helps one to take a different perspective of that same problem. Or in other words accept the inevitable with grace. Adapting to any kind of variation in the environment is what the gecko teaches us. Being able to recognize a disturbance in the force and quickly removing ourselves from danger is a sign of one recognizing his or her gecko energy. When tapping into this energy, reading the subtle signs that the universe presents to us is possible.

The butterfly on the other hand is also considered to be symbolic transformation due to the process of metamorphosis. It is said that is one keeps seeing recurring images of an animated butterfly in their dreams then you need to pay heed to those parts of your personality or life where you really to change yourself, leading to an expansion of growth. The ability is to undergo life’s most important moments of profound transformation with grace signifies that the butterfly is your spirit animal. It is also said that the butterfly represents immortality in Chinese and Greek symbology. In time of support and tension of a particular transition of a part of your life, calling on the spirit of the butterfly will make this change a little easier. It provides that much needed inspiration in your life to openly reflect on your situation and give into expressing yourself openlyFeature Articles, to become creative and free.

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The gecko symbolism meaning teaches us from time to time how to be aware of any signs on danger and to become highly aware of our surroundings. But at the same time to accept the unavoidable and letting go of that control is also a part of the energy of the gecko. Similarly, the spirit energy of the Animated butterfly also teaches us at times to not take life too seriously and to transcend our life situations gracefully.

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