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Friday, April 19, 2019
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Why Hermit crabs and Farm ants are great as pets

If anyone would put up a quick survey of which animal one would keep as a pet, chances are they are going to end up with dogs being a popular stereotypical choice, though some prefer others like cats, birds, and a few more

No matter what your choice maybe, attention and dedication is very important for pets, and these are nothing but a small price for the love and care you get in return. Other than the obvious reason for companionship and constant love, pets reduce the stress that we face every day in this rat racing world. And if your parents are somehow cooking up a lesson about teaching you some responsibility, taking care of a pet is the best lesson ever! The very act of being responsible for another living being is in itself fulfilling and teaches us to be responsible in the long run. It is always important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect pet for everyone. So if the most obvious choices for most people are not for you, fret not. Maybe songbirds aren’t your thing and that is just fine. Maybe watching some hermit crabs on the Discovery Chanel is what you want, or the self-discipline of working ants is soothing and interesting to you.

There is absolutely no reason why you should not get yourself a live hermit crabs kit because contrary to popular belief, hermit crabs are fun pets to have and not to mention they are very interesting than most people think. Hermit crabs are an unconventional choice for almost everyone, but they are more than just little creatures who live in shells, have ten legs (six of which are actually visible) and two super powerful claws in front. Their habits are quirky and for people who stand out from the crowd, hermit crabs are good choice for them.

  • Carrying their own houses on their back! This is because hermit crabs are not like normal crabs. They have soft abdomens and when hermit crabs find a shell which fits them perfectly, there will carry the “house” with them at all times. When they outgrow the shell, they’d switch to a new one. Imagine that in the water tank at your place; your hermit crab has a lego house as a shell!
  • Dog hairs everywhere! Some people find it adorable while others find it messy and annoying at times. Shedding is natural and so the hermit crab has a molting process for shedding their exoskeleton, which they consume for its nutrients.

Ant farm are a popular choice for kids mostly. Buying a farm ant sand kit is affordable and hassle free. There are a lot of ant farms available online and setting them up is easy enough. Here are a few reasons why you should buy ant farms.

  • Like hermit crabs, the behavior of ants is highly interesting for quirky people. Their behavior on the ground is far different than how they live their lives underneath the surface. So with an ant farm there is a chance of getting a glimpse how they work underground.
  • Caring for ant farms are not time consuming and not much physical work is neededFree Web Content, and therein lays the charm.


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So don’t second guess your choice of a pet, because chances are what piques up your interest will not be the same with others. So be quirky and order online your very own Live hermit crabs kit or buying some Farm Ant sand for your ant farm today. In this busy world, everyone needs a little love to come home to.

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