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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization looks for and finds keywords and keyword phrases with the highest amount of worldwide search volume combined with the lowest number of competing optimized websites. This combination will enable you to focus your website optimization around the most popular and best targeted keywords for maximum exposure.

Keywords are the words entered into search engines by people looking for something, or searching. Keyword phrases are multiple keywords used by people looking for something more narrowed or particular. For example, someone who wants general information may search on "Weather" while someone looking for something in particular may use a keyword phrase such as "Tampa Bay Weather" to narrow their search. Therefore, it is important that your web site have good search engine rankings for the particular keywords and keyword phrases that pertain to the products or services you offer.

Avoid Common Keyword Mistakes

Picking the keywords that best represent what business you are in or what service you offer seems pretty easy. For example, you're a realtor, so you should make sure web searchers find you if they select "real estate" and "realtor" because that's how you define yourself. Unfortunately it's not that simple. You need to define yourself as your customers see you, or search for you.

Let’s take the realtor example a little further. If you search on Yahoo, there are about 619 Million listings for "real estate" right now. The largest listing, has a Google PageRank of 7, so getting your real estate site to organically rank in the top 10 would be nearly impossible. Unfortunately, this is where most web site owners and marketers fall victim and end up on page 200 of Yahoo and Google for "real estate" and never see any free search engine traffic.

Optimize Using Buying Keywords

In order to select the best keywords and ensure you are attracting buyers and not just browsers, you need to avoid single keywords and use 2 to 4 word keywords phrases. The reason for this is a potential buyer knows more about what they want than a browser. For example someone browsing for sunglasses made by Oakley, may just search on "Oakley" to learn more. Someone who is ready to buy will search for "Oakley Juliet Polarized Sunglasses" or "Oakley Juliet Free Shipping" to get exactly what they want.

Using the realtor example again, let’s say you specialize in downtown, or urban lofts, in Chicago. You can now use buying keyword phrases such as “Downtown Chicago Lofts for Sale” or “Downtown Chicago Realtor” which are the keyword phrases targeted home buyers are using to search for what you do.

Put Keyword Phrases on your Website

Once you know which keyword phrases are profitable for you, make sure and put them in the of your web site and throughout your site (use a keyword density of 3%-5%) so the search engines will pick up on them and rank you by them. This will help your buying customers find you!

Keyword Optimization Summary

To get the most out of keywords and keyword phrases, follow these simple steps:

  • Avoid Ultra Competitive Keywords
  • Use 2 to 4 word keyword phrases
  • Target Buyers, not just browsers
  • Use the keywords your customers would use to find you
  • Put your keywords in your web site title and on web pages

Keyword Optimization Help

There are more in-depth ways to find buying keywords that range from looking at what keywords your competitors are using, to looking inside Google and Yahoo to see which keyword phrases are being purchased the most. If you are struggling to find the right keywords for your websiteArticle Search, look at hiring a keyword optimization company to find them for you. Prices are usually affordable and will ensure you find and use the keywords your customers would use to find your website.

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Jeff Cairnes is the Senior SEO Consultant for Preferred Position. Prior to forming Preferred Position, Jeff was the Director of Marketing for GoSolutionsa. Jeff has created and managed online marketing programs for over 10 years for companies including VarTec Telecom, Lasso Technologies, Excel Communications, ILD Telecom and WorldCom. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Texas San Antonio.

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