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Monday, October 21, 2019
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Making Money with Google or Yahoo in Only 24 Hours or Faster

A lot of people are always debating, what could be the fastest way to make money on the internet. Well, there sure are plenty of options if you ask the veteran online marketers out there, but then - which is the best among all these options.††

Are you one of those guys who have been desperate and frustrated because until now you couldn't seem to get things going the way you really want them to? Have you tried all kinds of expert advice and claimed to be proven tactics but still couldn't see any bright sign of you becoming another success story in the online world of business?

Honestly, I haven't heard of any successful internet money maker that have not experienced any kind of failure or frustration while climbing their way up to that ladder of success. However, once in a while you happen to trip on some information that is really worth reading and it just boost up your confidence and hope all of a sudden. One really valuable information I have discovered when I was still trying to make my first ever income on the internet is an effective proven advertising technique being used by many experts, it is called pay per click advertising.

Let me share with you what some veteran online marketers do to earn money in the quickest possible way. Mostly when applied, this simple process can earn you money after a couple of hours or at least within 24hours upon successful setup. Of course you must have something to offer. Just before you jump right on the process, you have got to evaluate first what it is you want to offer. Whether it's a single product or a service, it has got to be irresistibly valuable - if not the best of its kind.

This advertising system is also known as pay per click search engine result marketing. You may be familiar with this already, if not then you have all the information you need when you sign up for the program. If you are just starting with this method, all you need to do is go to "" for Google and "" for Yahoo.

If you are a beginner, it may take you quite longer to complete the process and really familiarize yourself with the program than a well familiarized user. Assuming you have all the basic knowledge you need to start running your campaign, let me give you some very slick tactics that will surely make your campaigns competitive enough to either beat your competitors or give you your first sale ever within the next 24hours if not sooner.

First, you need to determine what niche your product offer or service falls under. So if you are offering, let's say for example about "crochet". Really analyze your product very well down to its last set of details. If it's about crochet, then what particular topic is it about crochet? Let's say it's about "crochet patterns". If it's about "crochet patterns" then what exact kind of crochet pattern is it? Let's say it is "crochet hat patterns", so there goes your exact keyword. Use the free tool called wordtracker for this keyword researching step. Check the corresponding number of daily search results of every keyword you choose so you know what to expect and do adjustments at the same time if needed.

Google and yahoo have specific instructions so that you can choose your keywords carefully and exactly as you choose them. So with that particular example, your keyword should be "c rochet hat patterns". Be sure to choose the option wherein your campaign will only show each time someone searches for that exact keyword. Meaning, do not choose the broad match option wherein a person can search for the keyword "free crochet hat patterns" then your campaign will still show up.

Remember you are paying for every single visitor that clicks your ad, so make sure that you only go after the potential buyers. Again, if it's your first time to apply this method, you have all the information you need during the sign up process. Go to the programs' help menu and find the details of what I am trying to explain here. For now, at least you are getting an overview of what needs to be done as a whole.

When you have carefully chosen a couple of your exact keywords (just keep it at that number for now), you need to write up your ad campaign title and description. Be sure to mention your keyword once in the title of your ad campaign, then once in the body description. If you have 2 keywords then do a separate one for the next keyword. This way, you will see which among them will perform best. Again, find the details on the help menu if you need to.

Before you set the bid price, there is an option whether you want the campaign to run on search results and content network. Be sure to turn off content network for now, you can always try that some other time when you're an expert at things. Google and yahoo have tools to tell you what bid price you need to put there in order to show up on top, so there's really no problem with that for you - go ahead then and go for the best bid price.

Since you have just a couple of exact keywords in there, you aren't in great danger of loosing big money really cause you are only going to get clicks from people who are looking for the exact thing you are offering. The programs have built in tools to help you track your results as wellFeature Articles, so monitor your campaign very well and make the adjustments based on the progress as you witness them.

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