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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Matt Morris Success University – Rank number 1 in Google, Yahoo and MSN now

On August 7th, I created a blog and two weeks later, I am listed on the first result page of every major search engine on the internet. If you are looking for a simple and easy to implement strategy, read carefully, while I tell you exactly how I did it.

Visit any of the popular search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, or Google (or all of them if you want) and type in the keywords “Matt Morris Success University”. What do you come up with? Well, you will notice my blog located at You will further see that ranks are pretty high up there:

(current ranking as I wrote this article)

Rank 1 – Yahoo

Rank 1 and 3 – MSN

Rank 6 – Google

Pretty spectacular wouldn’t you say? Well it did not take much work at all, nor did it take a whole lot of time. On August 7th, I created a blog post at Two weeks later, on August 21st, there is my post, listed on the first result page of every major search engine on the internet.

If you are looking for a simple and easy to implement strategy, read carefully, while I tell you exactly how I did it.

It was not hard at all. First, I simply conducted a little research on keywords using “Wordtracker”. After researching keywords with little to no competitors I found this keyword “Matt Morris Success University”.

The next step, since I really am not much of a writer, was to hire a ghostwriter to write an article for me. The article was completely about “Success University”, with optimization using “Matt Morris Success University” as the keyword.

When the writer was finished, I simply added my keyword a couple more times within the article specifically within the closing, the body, the first paragraph, and the title. All together bringing the keyword density to just below 5%. If you are unsure how to check the density of your article, here is a great site you can use

Keyword density is important and when it comes to posting the article within your blog, you can include the keyword an unlimited amount of times. However, I definitely would not recommend you doing this, especially if you mean to submit the article to any directories.

The key to success with this strategy is not only to include the keywords within the article. It is also necessary to anchor links within those keywords as well. As an example, if you were to look at the keywords placed in my articles, you will noticed that there are hyperlinks connected to each one, specifically pointing to

This is a great way to promote different areas of your site or different products. While my keywords are “Matt Morris Success University”, each instance of that keyword, when clicked, will direct the reader to my Success University sign up webpage. This works well, because “Success University” is already apart of my keyword. This provides me with a greater amount of power when it comes to the search engines. By doing this, the search engines believe that the keywords within my article hold a great deal of importance, which will help me in the ranking on the search engines as well.

This strategy will help in explaining exactly why I have the number one spot in MSN for the sign up page and the number three spot for my blog

(Note: There are 33,000+ members using Success University Sign up page and I am ranked number 1 among them, pretty effective isn't it)

At the same time, I am also heavily involved in forums. Each time I post a message, I have set my signature up to post a link directly to my blog. Furthermore, the signature holds my keyword of “Success University” as well. Because I am placing the link of on the signature it gives my website more weight with search engines, because forums are spidered as well.

Forums only took up 2 hours of my time and about twenty posts. I left the rest to the work of the search engines. About three weeks later, I ran a check on the various search engines, using my chosen keyword and here are my results:




I actually began to notice my ranking after only two weeks. However, I did not take any screen shots of it until the ranking began to move up on the third week.

The key to this strategy, is not about the forum posts or the article, it is mainly about the keywords you use. It is important to choose keywords that have little to no competition. This means the keyword is not in high demand and has less websites to compete with. By implementing these tipsBusiness Management Articles, you will find that your webpage has very high rankings within the major search engines.

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