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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Why Men Leave: The Real Reasons Men Leave a Relationship and Leave You Crying

Are you a woman struggling to keep a relationship off the rocks, but want to know why men leave their wives? We tend to complicate the reasons, especially when our sensitive heart is at stake, and this is what leads to many misconceptions in today's society.

The most common misconception is that men are only in a relationship for the sex. Another misconception is that women are only in a relationship for true love or money. While these might be true to a certain extent, this is certainly not the answer to all relationship problems.

Here's a news flash for you: Women need sex (almost) as much as men do, and men need love just as much as women do - they just have a funny way of showing it. Maybe they won't tell you with their lips that they need your love, but they'll express it in their actions. For instance, if you go shopping every Saturday instead of staying home with him or accompanying him on some of his errands, not only will he complain about your shopping habit, he'll get all bent out of shape that you'd rather make love to a new pair of designer jeans than be with him.

Another problem is the way society treats men's and women's sexuality differently. It's okay for a guy to sleep around with girls in college, but if you did that, they'd call you a sleaze and label you all sorts of colorful, derogatory names. For this reason, guys seem to think they can get away with fulfilling their desires while women have to wear a wedding band before they can even talk about theirs. It's unfair, but it's true.

It's no wonder your relationship can be challenging. When half the population can't seem to control their sexual desires, and the other half can't even talk about them, of course there's going to be tension, and it's not even your fault! This is one of the many reasons why men leave relationships.

In order to have a loving, stable relationship with your husband or boyfriend, you're going to have to re-teach your brain to think differently about the many concepts you take for granted right now. Only shallow people focus on needing sex to be happy; the rest of us - your male partner included - need more than this to have a happy relationship, and so do you.

These connections must be spiritual and emotional as well as physical. These are the three key elements for a successful long-term relationship. All partners want to feel like they are desired, accepted and loved by their spouse.

Men also need a reason to stay with you. If you never provide him with any physical fulfillment or emotional encouragement, what does he have to look forward to? He's going to look for fulfillment in other ways, whether it be with other women, alcohol, gambling, video games, sports - you name it.

You also need to keep yourself well-groomed for your man. This is one of the biggest reasons why men leave. Not to say that looks are everything, but if he's a doctor and he sees beautiful nurses around him every day, then he comes home to you and you're in a sweatsuit with no makeup and your hair is a messFree Reprint Articles, what is he going to think? He's going to consider that he can do better if you're not going to put forth the effort to look nice for him and respect him.

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