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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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What Should You Do When Your Girlfriend Wants a Break?

So your girlfriend came to you and asked for a break... and it seems like the end of the world. Your worst fears are realized - is she breaking up with you? Does she want to date someone else? Did you do something wrong, and if so, can you fix it? Understanding why your girlfriend wants a break from your relationship is a key part of keeping your break from becoming a breakup.

Being "on a break" has become a very popular thing these days. It's kind of like a mini break up, allowing the person who initiated it to try out new things, and maybe even date new people. In a way it's actually a copout, because if your girlfriend asks you for a break what she really means is "hang around for a while while I decide what I want to do".

And let me tell you something, you don't want any part of that.

Most guys make huge mistakes when it comes to begging, pleading, and trying to talk their girlfriend out of breaking up. Even when she says she just wants some "time apart", guys go crazy trying to reverse their girlfriend's thinking and set things right again. What they don't realize is that right now, these girls don't want things to be right. What they want is change. In an effort to get what they want, they resort to threats - using  "let's take a break from each other" as an excuse to whip their current boyfriend into shape or even to date some other guy.

What should you do when your girlfriend wants a break? Well the first thing you should do is not fall victim to such an immature scare tactic. Call her bluff, and let her know that either she decides to date you or she doesn't. Tell your girlfriend you're not going to play any stupid baby break-up games, and that your relationship with her is much more important to you than sitting back and pretending that some "time apart"is the solution to all your problems.

As she's stunned by this sudden display, ask her to sit down with you and discuss what the real problem is. Somewhere in the back of your girlfriend's mind, she's dissatisfied with something in your relationship. Invite her to tell you what that is, and even apologize if she's already told you and you somehow ignored it. Let her know you will listen to her this time, and that if it's something you can control, you'll change it for the better. Then let your girlfriend know that you love her too much to walk away.

Most girls will be floored by something like this. Instead of fighting her on the decision to break up, you're actually addressing her concerns with the relationship and trying to put things back on track. At this point if you girlfriend still insists that she wants a break, there's a good chance there might be someone else she has in mind. Cross that bridge if you need to, but be prepared for what might happen if you don't take immediate steps to repair the rift between you. There are methods and techniques you can use to win back your girlfriend's heart. You need to learn what they are, and use them to make her both want you and need you again.

When you girlfriend wants a break she really wants change. Whether or not she wants this change with you is up to her to decide. But it's also up to you to identify, and possibly fix if it's not too late. The sooner you get started on knowing what's wrong with the relationship, the easier it will be to keep your girlfriend for breaking up with you. If your relationship is something you really treasure, you won't want to chance it by not knowing what to do. This is why in any breakup situationPsychology Articles, you need a step-by-step plan as to how you will proceed.

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