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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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8 Basic Paintball Rules

The game of paintball consists of the confrontation. There are a number of basic paintball rules that are common to all games.

The game of paintball consists of the confrontation between two teams of players, equipped with the best paintball gun under 200, which the team that manages to obtain the predetermined objective wins. There are many ways to compete, but there are a number of basic rules that are common to all games.

Specific Safety Rules for Paintball

These rules are mandatory in all game modes, and no player can participate in a game if they do not know and comply.

Mask and Clothing

It is mandatory for players, referees or spectators who are in the area of the game to wear a mask that covers the entire face and extends to the ears, which is in good condition, with the seamless front protector, and fits with a Tape perfectly to the face, without moving or getting out. You cannot wear loose clothing where brands can be hidden, or use non-porous or waterproof materials where the marks do not remain or are removable.

The Maximum Speed of the Balls

The maximum speed will be set in the rules between 60 and 80 m / s, and can never exceed 90 m / s. For this, the paintball fields have a speed meter.

Bookmark Lock

The markers must remain locked to avoid unintentional shots before starting the game, if it is eliminated, or after finishing the game, for which we have two security systems. The insurance is available to the marker and the so-called pacifier, which is a system to plug the barrel (there are several types).

Disposal Rules Elimination

A player is eliminated when he is marked in any part of his body, his marker or his equipment, by the explosion of a ball thrown by a player not removed from the own or opposite side, or by the mark of a grenade or A paint mine. It will not be eliminated if the impact is splashing or if the ball does not explode.

Validation of a deletion. If a player has doubts about whether his elimination is valid or not, he can request a "paint check" from an arbitrator or another player, while his elimination is being validated he cannot attack or be attacked.

Auto Elimination

A player can auto delete himself if he wishes at any time of the game.


A player located a short distance from an enemy and having him completely shot may request his surrender. If he accepts verbally or raising his hands, he is eliminated from the game, if he does not accept, try a hostile action or delay the response, the attacker can fire to eliminate it. If while the opponent's response is awaited the attacker is marked, the defender can continue in the game.


A player may be disqualified for a breach of the agreed rules of the game, for leaving the assigned field, for leaving the starting point before the start, for attempting to hide or clean a received markHealth Fitness Articles, or for ignoring its elimination.

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