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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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A new way of fitness

Running is not too many skills and low intensity.
Large amount of exercise, thus more energy consumption and can reduce fat naturally.
Therefore, reduce weight of the principle is increased energy costs, reduce energy intake.
Running finish must be done after finishing (relax) campaign to make the human organs from the gradual recovery of motion to the relatively quiet State.

Super simple running diet. Running can be an effective weight loss. Many people want to lose by not moving the way of excess fat to achieve a healthy weight.  In fact, exercise is the most healthy diet, the best way, it has been increasingly recognized sport both lose excess fat, but also strengthen the body, can be said best of both worlds.
Running without much skill, and strength is relatively low. In the low, medium intensity range, you can run longer, increasing the amount of exercise (physical activity is exercise intensity and movement-time product). Carry momentum is big, the consumption of energy, reduce fat is more natural.
From the perspective of the sports physiology, weight is mainly affected by the influence of energy intake and consumption. More than intake, consumption, weight gain; conversely, body weight. Therefore, reduce weight of the principle is increased energy costs, reduce energy intake.  Running can effectively increase energy consumption; thereby reducing the weight. However, running to lose weight to achieve a certain amount of exercise necessary is to lose excess fat in order to achieve the purpose. In general, want to consume 1 kilogram adipose, need to run 10 km journey.
The method of scientific running is preparing for the activities. Before running must do prepare activity, it is to make the body from the relatively quiet state gradually transition to muscle moderate nervous condition, increase the excitability of the central nervous system and organs of activity to meet the running needs. Which can do first are arm, leg swing, bend, twist, squat, and other gymnastic movements, with particular attention to activities in the hip, knee and ankle joints. The whole body reaches fever, feel the body is light, heart rate reached 85 / cent or more, you can start running.
run. Running to have a certain amount of exercise, exercise intensity is to master the key to running fitness. It commonly used to measure exercise intensity target heart rate. Appropriate exercise intensity. Heart rate per minute for the 170 - age, number, such as runners 40 years old, he should be running when the appropriate heart rate of 130 beats / min or so. Young people 4~5 times a week, every 30-40 minutes, a distance of 5,000 meters; Middle and old aged 4 times a week, every 25-30 minutes, a distance of 3,000 meters. Weight-running time should as long as possible.
Daily running exercise is not a constant, it may slightly increase or decrease based on my physical condition. Weekly exercises such as four times, carry momentum can use large, medium, small to regulate better. Increase physical activity must be strictly in accordance with the principle of gradual and orderly progress must not be too hasty.
finishing movement
It must be done after finishing runners (relaxation) movement, so from the state of motion relative quiet gradually restored to the state.
Method: Go to a distance, again to take deep breathsFree Articles, time is commonly 3 ~ 5 minutes.

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