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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Achieving Full Golf Swing Success

Strategic golf practice drills are the key to successfully achieving a consistent full golf swing. To begin, set various distances and targets using different clubs.

Hitting golf shots with a full golf swing involves strategic thinking. First, ask yourself what you want to do with the shot. As you develop skill, strategic concerns such as the ball flight, right or left turn and high or low trajectory become more and more important.

New golfers spend most of their strategy time finding a target and picking a club simply because the number of ways they can hit a shot is limited. Professional players will take all aspects of the shot into account. Wind, lie, slopes, hazards, pin position, green firmness, individual preferences, and other factors all help the professional player decide on ball flight.

As you develop as a player the answer to the question of what to do with the ball will become a matter of adjusting to the conditions set by the golf course and by yourself. The better golf player you are, the more answers you will find and the more variety your golf shots will have.

Once you’ve determined what you want to do, consider how you will get it done, examining your ability to execute the necessary shot. A good player will be able to produce the best shot for any given situation.

Before you can reach a professional level, the most important answer to the question “How” is simply the technique you need to produce the shot. A straight forward golf shot may necessitate your regular full golf swing. For softer ball flight, perhaps a smoother swing with a longer club could do the trick. It isn’t easy to practice strategic thinking for a full golf swing without playing on a golf course. A driving range or practice area usually looks different from the course. Practicing under game-like conditions will help you transfer what you learn in practice to the golf course.

Here are some Full Golf Swing drills to practice:

On the driving range, select a target for your golf shot, such as a different area on the ground, a sign, or an assembly of balls lying on the fairway. Your goal is to hit the target, but on every shot decide on an area around the target about the size of a green. Play at least 20 shots with different clubs and give yourself a point every time you hit the green area.

To increase your difficulty, make your visualized area of the green smaller. To decrease your difficulty, make your visualized area of the green bigger and use all the clubs in the bag all the way up to the driver. Additionally, focus on the target and let your swing take care of itself. At the end of your practice add up all your points and check your success. This is a great way to keep a score going of your golf practice sessions.

Developing a sound full swing is fundamental to playing golf successfully. The full golf swing has three phases: (1) Backswing, (2) Downswing and (3) Follow through. You can execute a full golf swing with nearly any club in the bag. Strategic thinking for the full swing involves understanding club selection, knowing how to hit a variety of shots and adjusting to the ever changing golf course conditions.

The key to developing your full golf swing and success is strategic practice drills. Vary your distancesPsychology Articles, change clubs and targets until you master your shots.

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