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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Golf Fitness Training Strengthens Muscle Groups For An Improved Swing

Stronger Leg Muscles Will Improve Your Balance and Golf Swingby David Walcott In the game of golf, having the ball go where you want it to is not always as easy as it looks.  There are so many differ...

Stronger Leg Muscles Will Improve Your Balance and Golf Swingby David Walcott

In the game of golf, having the ball go where you want it to is not always as easy as it looks.  There are so many different elements that all have to come together to culminate in the perfect swing, golfers who aren't doing as well as other players are turning to golf fitness training to improve their game.  One of the first things they learn is how to strengthen their legs in order to maintain balance during the swing.

The term golf fitness training conjures up a lot of different ideas like jogging or pumping iron when you play the sport, but what it really has to do with is conditioning the muscles you use to play golf with to improve your game. Not only does this type of training give you more power in your swing but also better accuracy. It also prevents pulled muscles and other injuries.

Many golfers spend a lot of time playing their first full eighteen holes in pain.  This is where golf fitness training can help.  If you collapse on the couch in the clubhouse with pain in muscles you didn't know you ever had, it's because you never use them.  Golf fitness training has specific exercises and stretches you can use to improve these muscle groups and reduce the amount of pain you feel after a game.

Golf fitness training strengthens muscle groups so that a golfer can concentrate on things like balance and coordinating the upper and lower body during the stroke.  The arms, abdominals and legs are a good example of three important groups that have to work together to produce a decent swing.

After you strengthen your legs and achieve perfect balance, a golf fitness training program will help you with the next element of the swing to learn:  shifting your feet.  Ideally you want to hit the ball with your weight positioned over the back foot.  With stronger legs and better balance the ball should go farther and more consistently now that you are shifting your feet during the swing.

Golf fitness training includes strengthening your back muscles to also improve your swing.  There are muscles in your back and side commonly called lats.  These can be strengthened on a pull-up bar or a rowing machine.  Working on these muscles will keep them from hurting during the game just like the other muscles that you use. Read more about improving your golf swing at

By continuing to use all of the stretches and strength training exercises that you can learn from a golf fitness training program, you can stay fit throughout the year and keep improving your game.

Golf fitness training usually works better for those golfers who are in reasonable shape.  If you aren'tComputer Technology Articles, it might not work as well for you as others who are more fit.  You might want to try walking a mile everyday and eating better before you work up to the twice a week twenty-five minute workouts eventually recommended.  Of course you must always talk to a doctor before you start the program.

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