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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Golf Shoes to Improve Your Game; Golf Hats to Improve Your Comfort

Need to gain that edge neccesary for a fun round?  Golf Hats and Golf Shoes should cover you head to toe.

The 18th green stands alone in the late afternoon sun.  You are one par away from your best round to date.  Addressing the golf ball, you squint into the distance, aligning your shot.  You bring your club back for your backswing, and the subsequent tee shot slices directly into the lake off to the right.  Fighting the urge to send your golf club in after the golf ball, you stop and wonder, “What went wrong?”  Before you decide a new club is the issue, you might consider your choice in golf shoes and golf hats.

The benefits of good golf shoes

                The right golf shoe can make all the difference between the perfect shot or a trip to the bunker.  The golf swing requires you to be in secure contact with the ground from the backswing to the follow-through.  Golf cleats grip whatever surface on which you are standing and provide the stability you need to make the best shot possible.  Tall grass, mud, or sand all become easier golfing surfaces with cleats on your golf shoes.  Regular tennis shoes have treads designed for flat surfaces such as asphalt.  Hilly terrain or looser surfaces such as sand become more difficult to navigate with tennis shoe treads.   Your next round of golf will be much more successful with golf shoes.

What a golf hat can provide

                While most would think of this as an accessory to help men feel like their putting for the PGA tournament, a golf hat/cap/visor can provide a little extra comfort during the round.  If the hat is made out of the right material, the breeze will keep your head cooler, which will help you think clearer about your next shot.  On those bright sunny days that are the dreams of every golfer, a golf cap will provide the necessary shade for your eyes.  Excessive squinting can lead to headaches in some and affected judgments of distance.  A golf hat can help you shave a few strokes off your score.

The Next Day…                 You look into the distance at the 18th green.  You have managed to repeat yesterday’s success and have even improved upon it.  Today, you could bogey the last hole and still have your best round ever.  You align your shot, address the ball, and send it to a resting place 100 yards from the hole, perched squarely in the fairway.   You smile knowing an iron shot will put you in position for a birdie.  You look down at your new golf shoes and can’t help but feel the difference in your swing.  Walking toward your golf ball, pausing to remove your golf hat to wipe the sweat from your foreheadFree Articles, the approving applause of the crowd as you approach the 18th green is almost audible.

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Kimberly Green is a personal shopper offering tips and highlighting the best that Golf Shoes and Golf Hats has to offer to the everyday golfer. 

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